Friday, April 15, 2011

D-Day - 2 Race Strategy

From the Coach:

From: jill-parker
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 9:48 PM
To: Andrew Opala
Subject: Re: Rockin and Rollin

I'm glad you're feeling better and your spirits are flying high!! That's the confidence I love to see!

Do NOT go gun-ho at the start and use up all your glycogen by 3K and have nothing left in the tank. I can't even tell you how many races I've killed, especially 5Ks, because I thought I could maintain an insane pace for 3 miles. So don't repeat my past mistakes!

I didn't see a profile map for the course - is it relatively flat?

I think a good race strategy is to start out in front - I don't care how many people there are, I don't want you stuck in the back wasting time and energy and adding mileage weaving around people. Start a few rows back and hang out off to the side. Let's aim for 5:53 for the first couple Ks. Don't obsess over the time and your watch; just get your pace where it needs to be and then take a deep breath, relax, and let your legs and lungs go. Think about all the good things in your life: the fresh air filling your lungs; how fortunate you are to be running (when others can't);....anything but how easy or difficult it is. At 3k, ask yourself how you're feeling and if you feel great pick up the pace slightly - repeat strategy for 4k. At 4.5k, you just give the race whatever your legs, lungs and guts have and you race it down to the finish line in a grand sub-30 finish, smiling big and bright!

Plase remember to eat well, hydrate a lot! No refined sugar from now til race day, nothing fried and very low fat. Carb up the last couple days.


I know it's inside you buddy, now it's time to shine!


Certified AFAA Personal Trainer and RRCA Running Coach
Check out:

I went on MapMyRun and tried to get an elevation map and it looks relatively flat.  Total variation of 5 meters or about 15 feet.  That could easily be error in the terrain data and it could be flat as a pancake.


GeorgiaSnail said...

You are going to rock this bro!!!!!! Relax & Move!~

Shawn said...

Kick it man!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the ride Andrew....good luck!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

You are going to do awesome!!! \0/

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...


Zaneta said...

wooohooooo... you've got this race.... it's yours! :D

bobbi said...

you CAN!! enjoy it!!

Anne said...

You've got this Andrew!!

Coy Martinez said...

Go get em!!

Mary said...

In my experience a 5K is the hardest of all, because you want to sprint. But your coach is totally right, it is easy to burn out if you do. I probably would start a line deep, not in front, nothing like pissing the fast runners off. But it depends on the size of the field. Good luck!

Quinton J said...

That Jill is something special.
She is one smart cookie, she’s runnings second ever super model (I was the first), and one amazing coach. Follow her, your heart, and your feets and you’ve got this one in the bag my friend.
Knock’em dead.

Nelly said...

I love the Tour de France style elevation chart with HC on it, haha She has great advice about not starting out so fast, because if you do go out too fast you might end up paying for it during the last KM. This is probably obvious, but keep an eye on your heartrate to ensure that you are running to your ability that day. To me pace doesn't matter that much, and that can vary a lot depending on weather and such. Good luck!

Kate said...

Go Andrew! Go Andrew! Go Andrew!

Doug said...

You got this! Temperature has got to be perfect for running now and you've put the work in.

Teamarcia said...

I feel I should split the cost for your coach as I just got all pepped up reading that.
Run well!

Caroline said...

you can do this! if I can you can!
good luck to you!

The Green Girl said...

You can do it!

Chris K said...

So how many questions did you have for Jill? 19? 58? 97?

Go get 'em Grasshopper. You are ready.