Friday, April 8, 2011

... just in from the BBC (and Know Your Meme)

LOL around the world

  • mdr (and derivatives)
    French version, from the initials of "mort de rire" which roughly translated means "dying of laughter" (Chris will like this one)
  • חחח‎/ההה
    Hebrew version. The letter ח is pronounced 'kh' and ה is pronounced 'h'. Putting them together makes "khakhakha"
  • 555
    Thai variation of LOL. "5" in Thai is pronounced "ha", three of them being "hahaha"
  • asg
    Swedish abbreviation of the term Asgarv, meaning intense laughter
  • mkm
    Afghan abbreviation of the Dari phrase "ma khanda mikonom", which means "I am laughing"


  • :D (smileys)
    Simple and clear but may appear childish. Are you a Comic Sans fan?
    Even more annoying than LOL.
  • !!!
    One is fine, three reeks of desperation: 'Look!!! I made a joke!!!' Yes, we noticed.
  • Haha, Hehehe, Arf arf
    The safe option. Effective but not very imaginative. Were you really laughing?
  • Hilarious! How funny!
    You are living in the dark ages.

source: Why did LOL infiltrate the language?, Know Your Meme: LOL


Barefoot Neil Z said...

Thanks!!! 555

Luke said...


Anne said...

Hilarious! or as we say in Québec, mdr
This post made me roflmao, or :)

Anonymous said...

i'm guilty of them all. :) xo

Ewa said...

Another BBC fan, I see.

Coy Martinez said...

Things I never knew! :D

Johann said...

LLH - Afrikaans version "Lag Lekker Hard"

Alison said...

PMSL is one that was missed.

I like a good Ha! though :)

Funny post for a Friday, thanks Andrew!

Teamarcia said...

I think I dated a guy whose last name was the Hebrew version. Now you see why I had to cut him loose. No Marcia kaka here.

Jill said...

Your emails are now going to contain many 5s instead of smilies.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! ;o)

Kate said...

I will take any of them over "yawn".

I mean, !!!

Nitmos said...

I just hit the keyboard and any strange collection of letters looks about right. I figure the reader will come up with some definition for it that makes sense to them.

trailturtle said...

[mdr (and derivatives)
French version, from the initials of "mort de rire" which roughly translated means "dying of laughter" (Chris will like this one)]

yeah, Chris K's new mantra should be: LOD (Laugh or Die).....


misszippy said...

Thank you for your research results!

Penny said...

OK I'm trying to process it. I'm a little slow.

Adrienne said...

I watch Barney all day what do you expect :)

Katie said...

Yes I am childish :D

I also prefer a good, Ahaha or if it is only half funny Aha, where does that stand?

Melissa said...

Yes, when I write heheheh I really am laughing. That's the only time I write it is if I'm laughing. Do you have some good suggestions I could use? I'm not very imaginative. Aparently. HEHEHE..

Melissa said...

I'm also a bad speller. Apparently.

Chris K said...

Isn't the latest something like baaaawwww or something like that? What do I know? I say hilarious which means I'm in the dark ages. Heck, I even used the word neat in my last post.

The Green Girl said...


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...