Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Suit Race Strategy

Thankfully the planned route hasn't changed from last year (last years run is here).  Here's the strategy I was thinking of:

14000 Santas line up for a fun run; to waypoint 2 there are booms, cameras, lots of happy energetic people, children, dogsI am waiting for my execution on the gallows; after the start gun, run with the crowd to waypoint 2, this is traffic avoidance and avoiding being traffic; keep they pace crisp and on target; enjoy (you're in a friggin Santa run!)
2the road levels off to a pancake until waypoint 3, some people will be dropping back and slowing down after the euphoria of the run under the camerascheck the watch at this portion a few more times than usual, don't worry about banking time or speeding up too much, a little over target pace is ok at this point, see if you can pick off a runner or a pair of runners that seem to be running the same pace as you; you're doing great!  Isn't this fun?
3the big hill begins until waypoint 5, people will be dropping to the sides here and walking a bit where necessary - the climb is only 45 feetstart counting the people you can pick off on this hill; yell the number out as you do (if you want).  Don't worry.  It's not you.  It's the "Jerry Rice" inside of you!
4Water table and half way pointtake it wide and avoid the crowd
5Top of the course, with a good downhill portion until the next waypointIt's all downhill from here baby!  Pick up the pace, and get the heart beating, shake out some of the cob webs.  This is a warm-up for the finishing sprint.  Feel the power in your legs, the long, confident stride, the way the body works together to drive
6pancakeGood, you're warmed up for the finishing sprint, keep your eye on the pace, you should be on target now; more on target - even better.  Visually check your shoe laces, how's the Santa Suit pieces, what can you fix to make sure your sprint has nothing to take your mind off of being awesome.  Keep an eye on your pace, relax, take some good centering breathes.  Feel the body cleaning out the muscles of waste and refilling them with fuel.
7downhill home stretchI can see the final turn to the finish, the runners are very scattered here, there's probably about 800 runners ahead of me at this point - I'm going to start passing more runners here.  My body will respond.
810 heart beats awayI've built up a lot of momentum - but man! I've got so much energy - I lean forward and run on my toes, my muscles tight and powering like the Olympic 100-meter-race.  My feet tap out a continuous acceleration.
9The finish28:59

I'm looking at running to an overall average pace of 5:48/km (9:16/mi) by the time I'm between waypoints 5 and 6.  Waypoint 6 to 7 is run-up circle checklist stuff.  Waypoint 7 and on is take-off.

* * *

Race starts tomorrow at 9 am.  The RD says there are still some walk-up registration places available.  Here's the race info page: Running Room.


Kenley said...

Looks like a well excecuted plan of attack. Watch out for the Abominable Snow Man and the Gingerbread Man (marathon talk) you can google it. Will elves be at the way points handing out toys? lol. 28:59 here we go. Best Wishes Santa!

Andrew Opala said...

I know both those men first hand.

However, they seem to show up for me when it's hot. The gingerbread man usually appears after mexican or indian food ... even when I'm not running!

Jill said...

Hahah...I love your 1 second revision :).

Ewa said...

As long as you don't mix those steps up (I would) you are golden.
Good luck, Andrew!

Zee said...

I was going to do this run, then I decided not to, now I kind of wish I was. Maybe I'll get my butt up in the morning and go to photograph it. I have a school assignment to do.

Either way, Have fun, it looks like a great one!

Anonymous said...

Brilliance. I predict your finishing time will be between 28:08 and 29:26.

Laura said...

Book it and have a great race in my hood of Burlington!

Andrew Opala said...

Jamoosh! You numbers guy - you know I'm gonna run my ass off to beat tath 28:08!

Laura - Will you be running with your Jolly shoes?

Kenley said...


Kate said...

Good luck! (and good visualization). Sad that you got rid of your Movember moustache...if you were really committed to the cause you could've added a beard and been a slightly more realistic Santa. Or do they give you the hats with the beard attached?

XLMIC said...

You have it all figured out! Can you plan out my route for my next race? It'll probably need a stop at a local Denny's :P