Friday, March 25, 2011

Yesterday's Tragic Tempo Run

The basic goal of this run was:
  • 1.5 mile warm up
  • 6 1K interval repeats @5K (9:37) pace w/2 min active recovery between sets
  • 1 mile cool down
But I really sucked big time!

Avg Pace
Avg HR
Max HR

The weather was 26°F partly cloudy, feels Like14°F, with winds N 16 m/h

I really really sucked!  I only have 3 weeks until my sub-30-minute 5k Attempt.

This is where the suspenseful music plays ...

The faster I run though ... the more CO2 I produce ...


Lisa said...

I think you can do it. I seem to always run faster at races than in training. you're close to the pace you need to go under 30 on those repeats. The adrenalin will kick in on race day and give an extra push

Chris K said...

You should just give up. You have no chance. Most runners ace their training runs and never have "off" runs.

Interesting song. Sounds like from a Matt Damon movie.

Teamarcia said...

No worries. you got it out of your system. My money is still on you for sub 30. Pay no attention to that so-called Manly man above.

Luke said...

I'm with Lisa. I am always faster at races.

Anonymous said...

I think you did great, don't stress! You will do great race day. The adrenalin, excitement all of it will push you!

Anonymous said...

i'm not worried. me. no.


Johann said...

In my book any repeats are great. You'll be fine, all workouts never go exactly to plan. Keep it going!

trailturtle said...

With 27 F and a wind chill of 14 F, how can you possibly expect your legs to work better? You'll be fine at the race--especially if the temp is anything close to 27 degrees CENTIGRADE! :)

misszippy said...

You do NOT suck! You were out there, you were trying. End of story.

Raegun said...

You'll do it - don't let this cr@p weather discourage you, Andrew.

Jill said...

Chris K sucks!

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

LOL at Jill. Chris is alpha-dogging it because of his Blonde Ponytail feature today.

You did a great job. Looking at your Garmin data, it just looks like you got tired during the 5th and 6th repeats because your heart rate started to slow with your pace. It may have been just an off day. I have no doubt you will be able to meet your goal!

Doug said...

While your times may seem off from your goal pace, it was very cold. Our bodies do well on long runs when it is cooler. That being said, we are not made to operate at high levels in freezing temperatures. Hopefully it gets warmer in 3 weeks. 40's or 50's would be ideal for a race.

Keep at it Andrew. Your times will come down.

Kate said...

You're working hard. You're going to get there. We have to have some of those confidence killing runs in there just to make us sweat, right? At least, that's my theory on my last two long ones.

Jennifer said...

Oh Lord Andrew... you will do great!

Small Town Runner said...

Andrew, Andrew. Has anyone pulled you aside and dicussed finding a downhill or short course yet?
Psssst....Just kidding. You will hit that sub 30 =D

Adrienne said...

You have 3 weeks. Keep at those Goal paced runs. Your not as far off as you think. 3 weeks is a long time. Repeat after me: Speed work, goal paced runs, speed work, goal paced runs. You got this.

tahoegirl said...

We all have off days. You are going to do just fine!

Ewa said...

You have no other option but to beat that 30min. You would not want to disappoint all of us, would you? :-)
C'mon Andrew, you know you will do great. We are all (and that includes Chris K, I am sure) rooting for you.
Chris, time to agree.

The Green Girl said...

You are so ready for this, you got this! ::high fives::

Michael said...

You can't have an attitude like that - you still did great! It's ok if you don't make your training times everytime - plus the weather sounds miserable. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Running Through Phoenix said...

No worries Mr. Opala. You will make your goal. Keep plugging. I'm living proof that setbacks make us stronger too.

Spike said...

Never let a bad day get the best of is over with and better days are only hours away. I hope you like that, I stole it from a Hallmark card; which, by the way, an elderly woman was reading at the time I took it from her.

You will do great at your race.

Irene said...

Those look like decent paces to me! It's a training run, right? To me, any run, even the not so good ones, ARE good runs.

Another way of looking at it "Bad dress rehearsal, great show."