Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gone Gone Gone So Long

Well, don't say I didn't warn ya!

I've been very busy with my new co. Still pretty top secret. But soon I will talk a bit more about it.

Here are some images of what I experience on the way into work in the morning. My drive, train-ride, walk into work takes me 45 mins. It is completely stress free and envigorating!

The coach has also started me on my next training plan for a 5-Mile Kilt Run in Perth Ontario, and a 10-K Bread and Honey Run in Streetsville.  I'm also looking at a 1-Mile time trial on Canada Day in Kingston.  But it depends a lot on the logistics of getting the family to Kingston a day early which may not happen.

Here are some job listings if you want to pass them along:
Mobile User Interface Designer
Mobile App Developer


trailturtle said...

Wow, co., recent PR, new goal races, invigorating commute...I'm jealous ;). When you're less busy, don't forget to send me a Star Runner pic :)). Best wishes, Ann

Johann said...

I was wondering if I missed all your posts or what. Good to hear you are well and always great to hear someone is busy with work. I love that train photo! I’m a total train geek. Exciting running prospects for you. Lots of speed in there it seems. Have fun!

runninglawyer said...

You are doing the Perth Kilt run??? I am too!!!! Awesome!

Glad you are having some good times with the new job. Wish my drive into work was as relaxing as yours seems to be... :)

Evolving Through Running said...

Busy with work is almost always a good thing in the lovely economy these days. Earnings announcement for my company today - collective angst is sky-high.

Glad you're still making time for running in the midst of conquering the corporate world. More PRs in your future.

Adrienne said...

1 Mile time trial is going to HURT! Just warning you.

So your new company is called "Chum" ? :) Sounds about right.

I want to ride a train now.

Still Running said...

Hey! I've signed up for the Bread and Honey too -- it was fun last year, even with rain. I look forward to shaking your hand! Except you should probably work out your plan based on 15k, not 10, cuz there is no 10k. It would totally suck to get to 10k and find out there's 5 more to do.

Jill said...

Can I apply for the Mobile User Interface Designer? Does it come with health insurance, a 7K salary, 10 weeks paid vacation, time off to run at lunch.... ?

Patrick Mahoney said...

welcome back tech warrior who runs (and takes trains)

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

A kilt run sounds awesome.

Are you going to wear anything under it?

Kate said...

I first misread "Streetsville" as "Stressville" and figured your new job was some kind of teaching position. :)

I'd LOVE to get to take a train to work, even part way. I could get so much more reading done.

Good luck with your new goals!

Anonymous said...

Come on Andrew! i wanna know more about your co. - fess up!


ShutUpandRun said...

Top secret, huh? Are you getting into medical marijuana again? Because I know you don't really have back pain or glaucoma.

Nelly said...

I'm with Adrienne, that 1 mile time trial is going to hurt! I will say that I get the most pumped up (and also the most nervous) before a mile race, because I know my body is going to be in a ton of pain the whole race, haha When your body feels like it wants to quit, push through the pain!

Good luck with the new company!

misszippy said...

So the question is--will you be wearing a kilt?

Damn you for putting that song in my head!