Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where are you going?

What good is a road if it doesn't lead you to being a better person?  What good is traveling if you stay in one place?  What meaning can you find in running when it ends? 

I'm looking for a lunch-time place to do some running.  Here's a few blocks of where I work.  Lot's of lights, traffic, pedestrians, dangerous corners, inconsiderate everyone.

All you guys in TO?  Where can I run?  I thought I might jog down University and run on Queens Quay, but a track would be more awesome.  But I realized there are no schools down town.  Well not at least like I'm used to in the suburbs.  I think these schools have "bunk" desks.  Everything seems to be stacked in a city.

BTW, has anyone ever been to Smoke's Putinerie?


Tri-James said...

What is that green area in the south of the map? The one next to Big Daddy'd Crabshack and Oyster Bar?

That is where I would run!

Kovas said...

Maybe run down to the Queen's Quay? At least you'd be by the water.

Still Running said...

I dunno. I've run on Queens Quay before, after I ran out of Waterfront Trail, and it sucked. Too many people. Maybe it would be easier to move your office. I have learned from your map just how close downtown Hooters is to the Condom Shack, though. Good to know.

Alanna said...

Because I was bored enough to look (ah, the life of a SAHM)... there are tracks at U of T as well as the YMCA. They aren't as close as the route you suggested, but might be worth it? Just think of it as a decent warm up/cool down option.

Erika said...

Good luck finding a route to run...I'm bad a reading maps and would likely get you lost!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Sorry I don't know where to run in that area. BUT, I have been to Smoke's Poutinerie in London, it was pretty good from what I remember!