Friday, March 11, 2011

Temp Run in the Books

Avg Pace
Avg HR
Max HR

39°F rain Feels Like: - Wind: E 9 m/h

cap, glove inserts, turtleneck, technical, track pants, socks

Ran with music, phone and a key.  Puddles everywhere.  No water or food on this run … cut the cool down run short by a ¼ mile because of time constraints.  Had a bit of a upset stomach near the end.  Very draining activity!  Very.  Loved it.  Have to remember to remove Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Soundtrack from my iPod - way to grundgy with no beat or powerful lyrics - actually very depressing.

Two miles easy for today.  I have all of 50 minutes to finish it!  Maybe I should run backwards?

... But I don't think I'll have anything else on my mind except the tsunami wave and the earthquakes in Asia.


Tri-James said...

Boo to depressing songs on the run. These are supposed top be fun!

KovasP said...

Backwards running is incredibly good - works all kinds of muscles you normally never use.

Kate Geisen said...

I'd kill myself trying to run backwards.

"Very draining activity!...Loved it." You're tough. I'm all "...very draining activity...ugh...I'm going to skip all my tempo runs from here on out..."

Nitmos said...

Nice even splits! Very....eveny.

Michelle said...

Nice job on the tempo splits!

Jill said...

Depressing music is not inspiring, but great job on the tempo!

Very tragic with the tsunami...I hope Chris K isn't flooded out!

trailturtle said...

Gotta love your dedication to schedules and number plans!
Mother Nature has been pretty angry in recent months. Lotta work to do to rebuild. Starts with the little things. Get that 5K PR...even that will add to the worldwide positive energy flow to help turn things around...
Run well, Ann

Jennifer said...

We had a woman in our running club who could easily run backward faster then I could run forward. She was a freak, but a very talented freak.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I've seen people backwards running at the gym. Always made me go huh?

Alison said...

I read an article in RW recently about running backwards. There are actual races..

Nice work on the tempo run in the rain!

Teamarcia said...

Nice tempo! Upset stomach means you worked it!

Caroline said...

I see people running backwards on the treadmill and I always wonder how long before they fall...!
looks so unatural to me!!!

Spike said...

Is that a good soundtrack--obviously not for running--but otherwise?

Anonymous said...

We were stationed in Misawa Japan for 4 years.. very sad.

Chris K said...

Looks like your HR is fairly low. That's good.