Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Trail!

Here's what I discovered yesterday - a new trail!:

I know exactly what you're thinking - "So beautiful, you could really get in touch with God here", and if you're over 40, "Look at all those places to pee!"  Yes my friends, once you pass 40 - these are the thoughts that go through your head.  The funny thing is, is that I run on this trail on the other side of a busy Hospital, and usually turn South to go to Lakeshore or North to Burnhamthorpe and never run passed the smoking zone in front of the Hospital to see what's on the other side.  (For those of you not from Mississauga, please just nod in agreement.)  Well this is what's on the other side.  About 5 miles long, the trail is offset from a busy roadway, and has only a few major intersections with lights.  I'd also like to thank the lone runner I passed at Mavis and Queensway (once going out and once coming home).  The smile made my day!

(You know who you are, but you will probably never read this blog.)

Ran 10 miles yesterday, and my 15k race is in ONE week and I haven't even signed up yet!  My wife and sister are planning to sign up for the 1k event.  But that's top secret.

The support squad of awesome Toronto runners I know has also given me some great routes.  I'll probably run down Duncan to Queens Quay, and then run the trail on the lake for the 3 or 4 miles for my lunch run.  I've asked at a local health club, and I can use their shower facilities as a regular member, and I'm trying to get a handle on a local hotel so I can use their stuff too.  And there is a rumor that we have a shower and locker room on one of the floors in our building.


Nelly said...

That des look like a great trail! Awesome!

And good luck in your 15K race, sounds like it will go well!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Your runs are getting longer and stronger - nice stuff!

Ewa said...

These might be good places for you guys to pee. Yet again, we women are being totally discriminated against. :) :) :)

But seriously, this does look like a good trail. I have a similar one not that far from my house and love it, except on weekends when it gets very crowded and it is even harder to find good places... OK, I'll stop that comment now.

Good running, Andrew.

Chris K said...

Who are you and what have you done with Andrew? 10 mile training run? Very nice. I know what you mean about potty breaks - I'm way older than you.

Back tees tomorrow? Um, no. I've played once all year. Will be oh-so-nice though playing a Jack Nicklaus private course.

Jill said...

I like the trail, and liking more it's not concrete! And I nodded my head in agreement just for you!

Mary said...

Hey, I'm over 40 and I never think of places to pee. Weird! Maybe I'm not drinking enough. Anyway, looks great, I am reminded of when I went to work for a month in DC and asked the co-workers if there was a shower (the only important thing to know about a building) and they had no idea. They had been working there for YEARS. Obviously not runners.