Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first downtown run!

I ran 4.21 miles ... I was only supposed to do 4.  I was supposed to warm up on the first, run two at 10:44, and then cool down on the last.  Unfortunately I ran the first mile in 10:47, the second at 9:45, the third at 10:20, and the last one 10:27!  Then I sorta cooled down at 10:18.

I guess I was a little hyper!  Lots of runners, inline skaters, and walkers.  Plus, did I mention I showered afterwards.  Right in my own office building!  I left everyone's shoes alone today.  I feel so absolutely awesome today!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hot Dog we have a wiener!



Let me tone this down a bit.  I think the Rapture actually did happen, and I have been very very good!  Oh Thank You Lord!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Trail!

Here's what I discovered yesterday - a new trail!:

I know exactly what you're thinking - "So beautiful, you could really get in touch with God here", and if you're over 40, "Look at all those places to pee!"  Yes my friends, once you pass 40 - these are the thoughts that go through your head.  The funny thing is, is that I run on this trail on the other side of a busy Hospital, and usually turn South to go to Lakeshore or North to Burnhamthorpe and never run passed the smoking zone in front of the Hospital to see what's on the other side.  (For those of you not from Mississauga, please just nod in agreement.)  Well this is what's on the other side.  About 5 miles long, the trail is offset from a busy roadway, and has only a few major intersections with lights.  I'd also like to thank the lone runner I passed at Mavis and Queensway (once going out and once coming home).  The smile made my day!

(You know who you are, but you will probably never read this blog.)

Ran 10 miles yesterday, and my 15k race is in ONE week and I haven't even signed up yet!  My wife and sister are planning to sign up for the 1k event.  But that's top secret.

The support squad of awesome Toronto runners I know has also given me some great routes.  I'll probably run down Duncan to Queens Quay, and then run the trail on the lake for the 3 or 4 miles for my lunch run.  I've asked at a local health club, and I can use their shower facilities as a regular member, and I'm trying to get a handle on a local hotel so I can use their stuff too.  And there is a rumor that we have a shower and locker room on one of the floors in our building.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to Running

Did my 6mi+ (10k+) base run last night. Ran on the side of a busy road, with my music blaring and my mind thinking. We sent out two more offer letters to some really awesome people: energetic, passionate and skillful.
I'm feeling really grateful right about now. But I know we need to keep moving forward.

Here's a neat fog picture from yesterday morning from out of my window:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still no place to run!

So in my search for running space, Tri-James said, run on that green part near Roy Thompson Hall.  So I went by it last night when I was walking to the train.  Here's what I saw,
... some travelling Polo promotion team had set up some wooden Polo ponies and kids were wacking the heck out of little soccer balls with wooden mallets.  But there's about enough space here to run a 30-meter sprint.  I think I might have to go down to the waterfront as a warmup and back as a cooldown, and do my intervals and tempo runs on the lake.

But I'm gonna check out Spadina, and maybe Avenue Road in the other direction.  We will see how many people I can barrel into before the Police arrest me!

Today on the docket I have: 6 miles @ Base + 6x30M strides + 2x20 sec each (Skipping for distance, Karaokes, Side shuffles, Fast feet, No arms)

I don't have my running kit here, plus I need to figure out if the building has a shower.  I would not want to force my sweaty self on anyone after my runs!  I could always hire an intern from the College of Cosmetics to give me a sponge bath in the washroom!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where are you going?

What good is a road if it doesn't lead you to being a better person?  What good is traveling if you stay in one place?  What meaning can you find in running when it ends? 

I'm looking for a lunch-time place to do some running.  Here's a few blocks of where I work.  Lot's of lights, traffic, pedestrians, dangerous corners, inconsiderate everyone.

All you guys in TO?  Where can I run?  I thought I might jog down University and run on Queens Quay, but a track would be more awesome.  But I realized there are no schools down town.  Well not at least like I'm used to in the suburbs.  I think these schools have "bunk" desks.  Everything seems to be stacked in a city.

BTW, has anyone ever been to Smoke's Putinerie?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cryptic Email

Another picture from our office window ... on a rainy Toronto morning.

I got a cryptic email from the Coach (a.k.a. Colorado Running Computer, a.k.a. JILL - Jogging Instruction and Legendary Learning):

Gotta start working on getthg the weight down again as we slowly crank back up the training.

... hmmm I wonder what that means ... I am avoiding looking at the column that says I need to lose 3 lbs. this week.


anyway back to the picture ... I wonder how many humans can fit into that bottle of beer?

There were 2 marathons this weekend in my neck of the woods.  Standby as I link reports of the results below:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More New Company Rumors

(for Termite and SUAR) There's a rumor that we have a lava lounge and a beer fridge ...

I am unable to confirm those two pieces of information at this time.

And another position we're looking for:
Video And Music Production but we were flooded with a bunch of good resumes so we took it off line.

We will have health benefits (Jill), pizza on Fridays, unlimited cafeinne, 90 minute lunches for running and there's a s-load of stock options for employees.  The only real stress-creating item is that we need to release the product in August 2011!  The blurb from all of our job announcements follows:

If you've ever wanted to join a startup that's about to launch the next big thing (a killer geo-social app) this is your chance. You won't find anything about us online until we release. But what we can tell you is that our team has launched world-class apps in the past, some of which you probably use every day. We're located in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district (party central) and close to everything including transit. If you luck out and get to work here you'll earn serious bragging rights. Expect to work your ass off and love every minute of it. The rest is up to you.

I am thinking we will only be hiring long-distance runners or emergency-room triage nurses.  The blurb was written by my CEO.  So far we're getting a lot of people who can't read the job posting - but we need some time for this to get going.  The interviewees we have seen have been very curious people.  That's actually an attribute we want in all of our employees, plus a good dose of scepticism, passion and a whole lotta courage.  Oh, and did I mention technical skill, and team abilities?

For those who asked what I will be wearing under my kilt (Rose and MissZippy) - my Polish pride, of course!  (i.e. a pair of Calvin Klein boxers.)

Some actuall running news: my record was updated with my 5th race here.  Is there a national US site or a national Canadian site that shows major running accomplishments for average runners in NA?  Because I doubt if I run a race in the States it's going to get put on my running record here in Canada.

Gone Gone Gone So Long

Well, don't say I didn't warn ya!

I've been very busy with my new co. Still pretty top secret. But soon I will talk a bit more about it.

Here are some images of what I experience on the way into work in the morning. My drive, train-ride, walk into work takes me 45 mins. It is completely stress free and envigorating!

The coach has also started me on my next training plan for a 5-Mile Kilt Run in Perth Ontario, and a 10-K Bread and Honey Run in Streetsville.  I'm also looking at a 1-Mile time trial on Canada Day in Kingston.  But it depends a lot on the logistics of getting the family to Kingston a day early which may not happen.

Here are some job listings if you want to pass them along:
Mobile User Interface Designer
Mobile App Developer