My Maxims of Running

From me

  • Have a goal
  • Keep the promises you make, especially the ones made to yourself
  • You run faster on your feet than you do on a couch
  • Screw the weather, weather is for newbies
  • Desire beats technology every day of the week
  • Run with your wife, she keeps you honest
  • Be grateful
  • Drink more than "enough" water the night before 

From my coaches and friends

  • You can inspire others with your actions (Brenda)
  • When someone calls on you for help, help (Brenda)
  • Never toot your own horn, let others toot it for you (Brenda)
  • Don't run watching the watch (Heather)
  • Sometimes runs you "feel" are the worst are actually your fastest (Heather)
  • Your spouse is good for taking your stuff to the finish line (Heather)
  • Trial and error will get you to a magic formula that's perfect for you.  Enjoy, it is the beauty of self-discovery.  (The Captain) 

Ones that didn't make the cut

  • Never eat on an empty stomach

My Notes on Running and Self-Discovery
by Andrew Opala

  • running needs no equipment or technology, you can run in your bare feet, keeping it simple is the best policy for running
  • running is the process of applying force over a period of time to move a body through a distance, in essence it is causing disharmony in the inert world
  • since a disharmony is being introduced, strategy and tactics need to be learned and applied to minimize wasted energy and maximize results
  • knowledge of strategies and tactics are the key to the solution
  • happiness will spring from the most efficient use of energy in achieving a goal
  • a runner needs to be disciplined and objective in assessing their abilities and goals 

1.Is Running For Me?

  • running is an important activity for a large portion of the worlds population, where it is not used for enjoyment, sport or health it is used as a means of transportation and a key part of life
  • the very fact that the human body is capable of running suggests that there is something good, natural and harmonious about running, natural and good when done in balance to the other parts of life
  • importance of this activity means and the success you will have with it means that it needs to be measured by several things: the desire, reason and the approach to running; the conditions you run in like weather, climate, season, roads, paths, traffic, bumpiness, etc.; your health and state of your body; and the techniques and tools you use to run and improve your running like shoes, training schedule, eating and hydration

3.Working on Stubborn Roadblocks
4.Running Style and Equipment
5.Developing Force, Power and Endurance
6.Strange Balance
7.Where Does Running Fit In?
8.Adapting to Difficulties
9.Picking the Right Races
10. Terrain
11. Strategies
12. Running Techniques
13. Getting Informed