5K Race Training: Train for Your First 5K

(Christine Luff,

1 (Jul 4)Rest2.4 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest3.2 k run30 min EZ
2 (Jul 11)Rest3.2 k runCT1.6 k run (race pace)Rest4 k run30 min EZ
3 (Jul 18)Rest3.2 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest4 k run30 min EZ
4 (Jul 25)Rest4 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest4.8 k run35-40 min EZ
5 (Aug 1)Rest4.8 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest5.6 k run35-40 min EZ
6 (Aug 8)Rest5.6 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest6.4 k run35-40 min EZ
7 (Aug 15)Rest4.8 k runCT2.4 k run (race pace)Rest6.4 k run40 min EZ
8 (Aug 29)Rest4.8 k runCT or Rest3.2 k runRestRest5 k Race!

Tuesday and Thursday Cross-Training with Weights

York Barbell and Dumbell Training System

Barbell Swing21225 lbs.
Squat29130 lbs.
Pullovers21240 lbs.
Bench Press2875 lbs.
Military Press2875 lbs.
High-Stair Stepping*210-
Bent Over Rowing21040 lbs.
Barbell Curls21040 lbs.
Bent Legged Dead Lift27130 lbs.
XXX Sit-Ups210-
XXX Leg Raises210-
* lunges and stair stepping routine done before Saturday runs as well

Tuesday and Thursday Jamoosh's Thrilling Thirteen


1. Crunches3030Ya big deal anyone can do these
2. Bicycle Kicks2542+8A little challenging
3. Supine Bridge (face up)30 seconds40 secondsNot fair I just did bench presses and military presses and my arms are sliding out because my hands are sweaty
4. Leg Lift30 seconds45 secondsI'm in control could have done 30
5. Ankle Grabbers25 each ankle60I burned off all the hair on my back
6. Diamonds in the Sky2025did big fist in the sky - more manly
7. Hip lift30 seconds45 secondsok you got me I'm really tired (this exercise is kinda girly, no?) sweaty hands
8. Plank45 seconds45 secondsnot fair! my arms are tired remember
9. Back Stretch30 seconds45 secondsyou see I am fit!
10. Push-ups2010 + 3 + 7 cheatAgain - not fair because of the bench press exhaustion
11. Shoulder taps20 each shoulder20 ea.Who makes these exercised up? (when do I catch a chicken in an alley - Ay-dree-ann!) sweaty hands
12. Superman1520Again - you see I am fit!
13. Side bridge30 seconds35 ea. secondsNot fair #3 - bench press! hello!


3 Weeks to a 30 Minute Running Habit

(Christine Luff,

11/1 x 10*83/1 x 4, then 1/1 x4 154/1 x 4
21/1 x 10 92/1 x 6162/1 x 8
3Rest10Rest175/1 x 4
42/1 x 5, then 1/1 x 5113/1 x 518Rest
52/1 x 5, then 1/1 x 5122/1 x 8194/1 x 6
6Rest13Rest202/1 x 5
72/1 x 6143/1 x 5215/1 x 5
*Run 1 minute, walk 1 minute, ten times, for a total of 20 minutes.