Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lot's of stuff

2-Minute Burpee Challenge

By popular groaning ... extending the 2-minute burpee challenge for one more week to then end of the day on Feb. 20.  I still haven't posted my video - but I can't win anything of course.  But lot's of people said "Oh, sh*t, does that end today?"  ... so it's extended.  The video first prize will be a $25 gift card to amazon.  And the non-video prize will be 3 randomly drawn $10 gift cards.  So get your booties in gear and get those submissions in!

Yesterday's Tapered Run

I ran 7-miles of negative splits yesterday, tapering into my 8-Mile race on the 20th.

3 Mi
1 Mi
1 Mi
1 Mi
1 Mi

The one problem in the workout was that my final average HR for the run was only 127 bpm.  That's near the bottom of my fat-burning zone. So I had a lot more energy here and I picked the wrong starting pace, and the wrong pace increases over time.  My race will have to be a lot faster to me not to hang my shoes up and my head down.

8-Mile Race Goals

Here is my projection based on my previous races and the improvement I have been showing since I started to run:

Date Race Time 8-Mi Projection
9/25/2010 Guelph 5k 0:31:23 1:26:13
10/17/2010 Waterloo 10k 1:09:45 1:32:14
12/11/2010 Burlington 5k 0:30:48 1:24:36
2/20/2011 Waterloo 8-Mi

I'm saying a 1:22:41 should fit in line with my normal amount of improved fitness based on previous runs., But if you look at the 7-miler I ran yesterday and add a 4-mile starting interval instead of 3-mile, I would easily run the 8-mile distance 1:36:42.  So I have to drop 14 minutes in my run going from easy to uncomfortable.  ... obviously some thinking/strategy required here ... the coach needs to jump in and be a guide!


Kate said...

Well, you know you'll run faster in a race than in training. It sure seems like a realistic expectation based on your earlier times. My usual strategy is to try to find a comfortable (maintainable...its almost never comfortable running) pace and then to just step it up a little from there.

Jill said...

Chat soon!

Lisa said...

Seems reasonable to me. Good luck!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I'm glad for your improvement, as I'm sure you are. Good luck getting your goal time.

Katie said...

Good call on the burpee extension :) Nice negative splits, you're gonna rock your 8 miler!

Chris Phillips said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You've put in the training, I'm confident the 8 miler will go well!!

Tortuga_Runner said...

I have got 8 miles on the schedule for this weekend too. I think I just need to keep stealing your training strategies as we are in the same pace range. Looks like you are preparing perfectly and will do great this weekend!

Black Knight said...

Good luck.
The negative split means that you are ready for a good race.

FruitFly said...

We're both tapering! Yay - it's almost like we're running buddies!

Enjoy your taper - and best of luck on your race!

Chris K said...

Instead of calculating anything, you can just run and see what happens. Heck, don't even wear a Garmin. Relax and run like the wind Grasshopper.

Spike said...

Excellent pre-race run. A good race is all about confidence. You will be amazing.

Teamarcia said...

Woot for the race weekend!