Wednesday, January 11, 2012


what a universally crappy run last night

- no Energy (I felt at mile 1.5 like I felt at mile 13 of the half last summer)
- no Desire (I was thinking of stopping and breathing)
- no Visualization (my mental image leaving the house was of me leaving the house)
- bad Music (Juice Newton was in my friggin playlist!  I don't listen to Juice Newton!)
- poor Equipment management (shoes clogged with mud, earphone falling out of ears, draw strings all knotted together)
- Hydration problems (dry mouth, drinking all the time, peeing all the time)
- poor eating cycle (ate about 1 hour before running - 3 bowls of vegetable soup)

from the coach:

Sorry about the run.  
Peel back the layers and figure out what was going on, 
you are a master at that now! :)

I give up.

Today I run again ... I MUST BE STOPPED!

... gears are turning ... things will be analyzed!


Anonymous said...

Andrew Opala - Master! You should have business cards made! Or should I just start calling you Master Andrew?


Other view point...
I was able to get out and run.. Although it wasn't the best, I was able to do it and for that I am happy. Today will be a better day..
If you need anymore motivational ideas, I can be reached at

Shawn said...

New Day - New Goal - New Redo

Kenley said...

You will figure this one out. Im sure you have heard that "You just have one of those days every now and then", but that was a really screwed up run. But hey, Today is the day, and if not, then tomorrow! Oh, as far as your things falling out of your ears, go get yourself some yurbuds, I think they are at BestBuy or Target by now. I have used them for a year now (won them on a blog, lol) and awesome. take care, and I would probably have a crappy run if I ate 3 bowls of Vegetable soup too. Nah, just kidding!

it's all about pace said...

it was Juice Newton... no further analsys required

Kate Geisen said...

You know, I've had a couple runs like that. An inauspicious beginning to this training cycle, to be sure.

Adrienne said...

I think you should quit and never run again. Running is out. Tennis is the new thing. Get on board. :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

Good, got that one out of the way...on to the next. Have a great season!

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar. I think we have all been there. What a downer. Hey, about your second bullet point, "No Desire"... I can understand how you really wish you weren't thinking about stopping, but breathing would be a good thing, LOL!!!

mighty termitey said...

times like these, i just think... oh well, time for a drink. ;-)


trailturtle said...

Dear Master of Inspiration,
Please... Never say or think "I give up" again.
How about another Burpee contest or similar to warm us all up now that winter seems to have arrived?
Have a great run :)

Ewa said...

Wait a minute, you were thinking of breathing while running? That is a problem.
I bet your next run is going to be great just get the right equipment, decent music, fix your lousy attitude, stop thinking, drink, don't eat before you run, focus on your mental images.. what else was there?
Good luck, Andrew. We all have those runs. They are there so we can enjoy the good runs more.

Patrick Mahoney said...

So, what was it?

I hope it got better next run.

Coy Martinez said...

Yeah, just gotta step back and punt. I'm gonna be giggling the rest of the day about the Juice Newton song! HAHAHA! Sorry, had to laugh :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

I will be tagging you in my Friday post with "11 Random." Enjoy!

Kenley said...

I would say something more, or a little, but I think Ewa said it all, and I agree. Take care.

My Own Calcutta said...

If i've learned one thing with this whole runnin' game, it's "you can't be superman (or woman) all the time". You're going to have some crappy days. But at least you have all of us to hear about it! lol.