Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I hit the wall on an Interval run!

6°F light flurries, feels like 1°F (-14°C feels like -22°C).  Winds from the southwest at 4 m/h (6 k/h).
Alpaca socks, two track pants, cotton turtle neck, t-shirt, thermal sweatshirt, windbreaker, mittens, toque.

I came back hyperventilating, dizzy and WALKING!

Food Calories:   1993
Carb:                  51%20% (corrected after Shawn and Ewa's comments)
Protein:               29%
Fat:                     20%51% (ibid)

Net Calories: 1993 – 2000 (for day) – 603 (for running) = - 610

Secret Santa Presents

from Adam:

and a signed cover from Guy Kawasaki:

I'm not sure what Guy wrote.  My wife was kind enough for stating "Andrew, Resisting you is futile! - Guy Kawasaki 12/21/11"  but I think it says "Andress, Klaraty cju is butane! - Colkard 12/21/11" ... from the Vulcan impotence curse.


Ewa said...

Quick question. When did you start lower carb diet? If recently, that could explain the wall. As your body learns to rely more on fat for fuel you will feel better. I am very low carb, did very little fueling on my marathon and survived. But then I was not racing, I was just running it.

Shawn said...

I do about a 40 carb, 40 protien and 20 for me.

I find if I don't do the pasta thing, I feel flat!

Love the mug!!

Kenley said...

I just eat! Haha! maybe that explains it. But I might look into more observation of my diet.

Kate Geisen said...

I think trying to diet while running is definitely a tricky proposition. I've been afraid to cut back because of that. On the other hand, if I just stopped adding to what I need, that would be progress.

Hopefully this was just a bad run, or your body adjusting to the different calorie intake, and your next one will be back to normal.

The Boring Runner said...

Ho Ho Ho HOoooooo. Merrrryyy Christmas! :)

Jennifer said...

Hitting the wall is OK every once and a while, just as long as it doesn't hit back! Happy 2012!

Anonymous said...

I think your net calorie deficit for the previous day was too much, might have been the issue.