Thursday, June 24, 2010

10th Annual Meridian Guelph Downtown 5k Run & 'Fun' Walk

I picked this race for a number of reasons.

(1) Timing: I'll be back with my EMBA colleagues during the third week of October to convocate at the graduation ceremony for my degree. So I can let them know that I have indeed finished a race as planned.

(2) Race Profile: Reviewing the race in Guelph in 2009 it shows that there were 258 finishers ... that seems like a small crowd when you consider the 4500 for the Scotiabank 5k. Don't feel like I need to battle lots of people to stay out front, but starting with a small and pleasant group is good.

(3) Distance From Home: It's about an hour and 5 mins from home by car, but I might consider staying overnight in a motel since the race runs early in the morning.

About the race?

Still don't have too much information, but someone punched in a 5k Guelph race on this link. It looks like it could be the race route - but I have to make sure by contacting the organizers.

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