Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainy day people always seem to know when it's time to call

Gordon Lightfoot says that rainy day people are kinda cool. Maybe I'm one. Ran my plan today between the thunder and lighting front and the heavy downpour tail. Just made it back totally drenched before the sky opened up and an ark floated by. I felt more refreshed than when it's warming up in the morning.

Ran 2.79 k in 20 mins. [Today's routine was 3/1 x 5.] So my pace has improved to 35:50 for 5k. [I know you can't really double the distance and keep the same pace, but if I do this math consistently I can monitor progress.]

I ran with a slight head ache that didn't go away or get worse. That's puzzling because I always thought that headaches had something to do with blood pressure - anyway when I was in the cool down the head ache went away only to return when I was taking the garbage out about 5 minutes later.

I was inspired by the cannon's the Argentine and the Polish squad showed off today at the world cup. Sorry ... meant the German squad. Jab Emil ... jab!

[Here's Rainy Day People sung by my buddy John Stinson at the Legion Hall in Aurora ... I think there.]

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Lightfoot lives!