Wednesday, June 30, 2010

85 days to the race

2.95 k in 24 minutes [5/1 x 4] - 40:40 pace. Boy it takes a long time to be good! More respect to those before me. Rest tomorrow ... that's a good thing since my wife comes home tonight! Feeling frisky.

I'll take a few minutes to map out some screens for the proposed iPod application today. Also have a lot of data on 1k pace and guessed at 5k so I should start a little graph on the side-bar. And a side-bar item for links that my friends and mentors have given me that I have used.

I read some guy did sprint bursts during his 5k, but lost the link to the story. I think changing up the running pace would be good for me - tried to change it a little on the last piece of the run and "felt" more refreshed.

Keep your chin up folks - if an old man like me can think he can be a runner then you can think you can be anything. The rest is just execution!

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