Friday, June 25, 2010

Easier Run - booger technique request

Today was an easier run 2/1 x 8 (24 mins). Traveled a total of 2.9 km in that 24 mins. So my pace is 41.4 mins. for the 5k using this method.

Must trust in the system. The world record is under 13 minutes!

Also had a terrible booger develop half way through the jog. Got to learn to collect that mucous nicely and launch it crisply from my nose or mouth ... instead I hacked at it until I could spit out a linguini that snapped back and smacked me in the chin. Good thing my wife is away this week, so I have been jogging alone. Terribly embarrassing for her to see that! Terribly.

Maybe I didn't drink enough water before I ran. hmmm ...

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