Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watch vs. iPod

I've been looking at loads and loads of watches for runners. A lot of the watches are multi-function for running and for casual wear. Way too many functions for my fat fingers! I just want a stop watch - a simple stop watch - with split times, a GPS, pedometer, stride calculator, calorie counter, hydration monitor, heart monitor, calendar, training recorder, computer linkage for programming from the computer, wi-fi for sending to the online website, discounts at the local sports store, looks good when I wear it to a classy dinner, and says "Patek Phillipe" on it. Oh and it should cost $29.99!

I'm going out to a couple of sports stores this week and I'll check out the ones they have. I've looked at a few that people have suggested. Of all of them I like the interface on the Garmin Forerunner watches - big buttons on the face, the bend and the wrist placement on the face of the Nike's and the big display on some of the Timex watches. I like the features offered on the Polar watches. Am I screwed or what?

So what's my solution when I have too many choices? I make my own. I found this:
Sport Armband Plus with FastFit for iPod touch (2nd Gen). What I can do is build the app that I want right on the iPod and just bolt it to my forearm.

I think it could work.

Anyway this is the backup plan for being disappointed at the store. [And I was just in China and could have bought the best knock off watch for peanuts. Of course it would have told the wrong time and had only 55 seconds in a minute - but it would have been cheap!]

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Andy said...

I found that the iPod isn't as accurate I got a garmin305 and love it it's also accurate and shows tons of data