Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rest Day

Today is a rest day where I'm supposed to do something light so I walked the 5k in an hour. Quite pleasant after a light drizzle. Saw a lot of my neighbors. Little do they know that I am in training - on a mission. On a desperate mission to save the world! BUWAHAHAHA!

ahem ... I checked out the results of the race in Guelph last year for my age group M40-49. The 32 runners had times well spaced from 16:58 to 31:15 with one gentleman walking it in 1:01:16. I think I will target 30 minutes as the time I want to train to for this race. That means that in the next 90 days I have to drop from 40 minutes to 30 minutes for the 5k - which is 1 minute for every nine days (or about 10 seconds for every running day). Who knows if that is doable? We will see.

[Another thing for the record - don't eat widow-maker wings at the Harp the night before running- even if they give you a T-shirt for it. My nephew made me do it - ya, the one with the Johnny Cash ring of fire T-Shirt on! And he goes BUWAHAHAHA!]

Also had one of my running mentors send me a list of things about running watches, places to find training programs, calculators, and to STRETCH!!! But the Captain didn't say what to stretch. [insert bawdy humor here - would that be considered "tooting your own horn"? dunno?]

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