Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bourbon Feet - Testing the Mind, Body and Liver

Just read this blog post. Quite an interesting discussion of a 5k race around the Rose Bowl in San Diego by the guy who came in first.

I also like the ending piece:
"If you have been reading this blog for the past month or two you're probaly thinking Pat neesds to do some more drinking and less running, after all the blog is named Bourbon feet. If this It what you are thinking I agree. This July forth I will be competing in the Hermosa Beach Iron Man. which involves running 1 mile, paddling 1 mile and drinking a six pack of beer."

... I'm searching for these kinds of Iron Man races in Ontario ... believe me ... I have another browser open right now!

Reading this guy, I've stumbled upon the idea that it's actually possible to pick a race and train for a win. That's incredible. I would never be this good, but that is something to be admired! I guess you would know your time, and pick a race where that time would be good.

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