Friday, June 25, 2010

My Perspiration Inspiration

I'm running to find something engrossing to do that will devour my time and let me feel stress again - just like at school. I met several people in class that displayed calmness and confidence (and they were incredibly fit too). I quickly learned that they were runners.

I actually found their names a couple of days ago with some of their recorded exploits:
Heather (Part II) - 11 recorded finishes
Brian - 6 recorded finishes
Brenda - 5 recorded finishes
Simon - 1 recorded finish
(I'm wondering if I missed someone?)

Sadly enough I didn't use the opportunity I had to speak with them about running. All I got was an ominous warning from Brian on the last day we met as a class that he will hold me to the fact that I said I will run a 5k race this year. Did I mention Brian is a lawyer.

Keeping a promise to those you respect is a great motivator!

(BTW I have about 90 days until the race!)

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