Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running Style: PESA, PEMA, PESI, VESI

The following information relates to the Running Style Survey (a total theft of a 4-question Myers-Briggs test) that we all started doing last Wednesday.  You are welcome to invite your readers to complete the survey as well (the more the merrier!)  Here's some general information so far.

56 people completed the survey with the following results:

TypePeopleper centTypePeopleper cent

PAMI, VAMI and PASA Profiles.
PASI, VEMA, and VEMI Profiles.

PESA - The Supervisor Runner
EMZ, Matty O, Matty B., Karen R, Heather
Supervisors are generous with their time and energy, and very often belong to a variety of service clubs, lodges, and associations, supporting them through steady attendance, but also taking an outspoken leadership role.  They DON'T like the word "bossy" but instead prefer the term "comfortable issuing orders".

Supervisors are unbelievably hard-working, and will run over mountains for a belt buckle.  One appealing thing to this hard-work is that Supervisors usually exceed other types in "hotness".  Some of them are even "smokin' hot".

Above all else, they wish to do what they are supposed to do, and they rarely question authority.  They are a coach's dream, but they don't like coaches!  Supervisors approach human relations along traditional lines. Marriage, parenthood and running are sacred to them, and they tend to have a large circle of friends, with many friendships faithfully maintained over the years.

Well know supervisors are:
  • Jack Webb, 
  • Judge Judy, 
  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger, 
  • George Washington, 
  • Sandra Day O' Connor, 
  • Mike Wallace, 
  • Vince Lombardi
Some supervisor quotes:
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Vince Lombardi

I will demand a commitment to excellence and to victory, and that is what life is all about. - Vince Lombardi

Take responsibility for your life. If you're a victim, it's your fault. Stop being a victim. Get a grip! - Judge Judith Sheindli

PEMA - The Provider Runner
abbi, misszippy, bobbi, Caratunk Girl, FruitFly, copychicDocrunner @Tri2Thrive
Wherever they go, Providers happily give their time and energy to make sure that the needs of others are met, and that social functions like group runs are a success.  Providers love to entertain, and are always concerned about the needs of their guests, wanting to make sure that all are involved and provided for (and if you really don't want to eat that extra plate of food - well, too bad, cuz you gotta eat it!)

Providers can become restless when isolated from people.  They love to talk with others, and will often strike up a conversation with strangers and chat pleasantly about any topic that comes to mind during runs or races.  In addition, Providers show a delightful fascination with news of their friends and neighbors. If we wish to know what's been going on in the local community, school, or church, they're happy to fill us in on all the details (they're sort of the self-appointed neighborhood watch).

Providers are  somewhat self-conscious to what others think of them, and if those runners don't chat back they will feel that there was definitely a lack of politeness on the other's part! Loving and affectionate themselves, they need to be loved in return. In fact, Providers can be crushed by personal criticism, and are happiest when given ample appreciation both for themselves personally and for the tireless service they give to others.  (Man, you guys are GREAT!!!  Wonderful job!  ... let me just tip-toe out of this profile as quietly as possible.)

Well known providers are:
  • William Howard Taft, 
  • Barbara Walters, 
  • J C Penney, 
  • Ray Kroc, 
  • Louis B. Mayer, 
  • Sam Walton, 
  • Dolley Madison, 
  • Dave Thomas
Some provider quotes:
I think the harder you work, the more luck you have. - Dave Thomas

If there are things you don't like in the world you grew up in, make your own life different. - Dave Thomas

PESI - The Promoter Runner
ShutUpAndRun, Rae, Running Through Phoenix, Chris K, Matt, Adrienne, April
Life is never dull around the Promoter. In a word, they are men and women of action. When a Promoter is present, things begin to happen: the lights come on, the music plays, the games begin. Clever and full of fun, Promoters live with a theatrical flourish which makes even the most routine recovery run seem exciting.

In running, Promoters demand new activities and new challenges. Bold and daring at heart, and ever-optimistic that things will go their way, Promoters will take tremendous risks to get what they want, and seem exhilarated by running close to the edge of disaster.  While they live in the moment and lend excitement - and unpredictability - to all their relationships, they rarely let anyone get really close to them.  This is nothing that a good deodorant can't fix.

Promoters understand well the maxim, "He who travels fastest, travels alone," although they are not likely to be lonely for long, since their boldness and sense of adventure tends to make them highly attractive to many other people, plus their injuries make them easy to catch.

Well known promoters are:
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 
  • Ernest Hemingway, 
  • John F. Kennedy, 
  • Donald Trump, 
  • Madonna, 
  • George C. Patton, 
  • Evita Peron, 
  • Winston Churchill, 
  • Grace Slick, 
  • Teddy Roosevelt
Some promoter quotes:
I believe that it's better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked. - Mae West

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win. - John F. Kennedy

VESI - The Crafter Runner
The nature of Crafters is most clearly seen in their masterful operation of tools, equipment, machines, and instruments of all kinds. The use of GPS, graphs, drills, treadmills, shoes, water, and fuels is tuned to the highest level in Crafters.  The ultimate goal is victory!

Crafters are fearless in their running, exposing themselves to danger again and again, even despite frequent injury. Of all the types, Crafters are most likely to be risk takers, pitting themselves, or their technique, against chance or odds even more so than Promoters.  Crafters are hard to get to know. Perhaps this is because they tend to communicate through action (or maybe they are just so fast it's hard to finish a sentence), and show little interest in developing language skills (ugh, no time talk me go eat). Their lack of expressiveness can isolate them during running and they may even prefer to run alone or with only other Crafters.  (If you work with a Crafter and they come to work with an Adidas back full of heavy metallic objects, you should wisely choose to take the rest of the day off!)

Crafters can be wonderfully generous and loyal to their friends often giving up their evenings or weekends to help with regressing some data or setting the date on a running watch.  More than anything, Crafters want to be free to do their own thing, and they are proud of their ability to do it with an artist's skill.

Well known crafters are:
  • Bruce Lee, 
  • Michael Jordan, 
  • Woody Allen, 
  • Alan Shepard, 
  • Chuck Yaeger, 
  • Michael Douglas, 
  • Lance Armstrong, 
  • Kathrine Hephurn.
Some crafter quotes:
Let's light this candle. - Alan Shepard (Just before his liftoff into space)

Be water, my friend. - Bruce Lee (On the subject of flexibility and adaptability)

When you need it, ITS THERE. - Bruce Lee (On the subject of practiced skill)


Thankfully this blog marathon is over ... and these automated posts are done!  Thanks for playing along.


Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

Very eloquent! Now that I am all inspired and such, I will go forth! haha

Ironically, I am speaking to a group of runners Sat. morning who are running Rock n Roll San Antonio. If I'm gonna like attention, at least it's well meaning ;)!!

Matty O said...

alright... i only give you a half right on my personality type. I don't have a lot of friends, I hate coaches, but I am very loyal and hold marriage, family, workouts sacred :)

Loved this series you put together. Was fun reading along.

Have you been running lately sir?

Teamarcia said...

UG. I'll give you a " ".

Unknown said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing this!

ShutUpandRun said...

Bold and daring at heart. I love that. Thanks for the review of me.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm quite pleased to be in the company of Q and Bruce Lee, that's for sure.

misszippy said...

Andrew--These have been totally entertaining. Thanks for working it up. Now I've gotta go provide for a fellow runner. ; )

Johann said...

Geez, and I chose running because of its simplicity...

Adrienne said...

And I'm the one with the philosophical mumbo jumbo? hmmm :)

Emz said...

Andrew - I love this.

I love who I have in my crew. I would have hand picked the same ones.

YAY me.

Jill said...

Hahah, Marcia cracked me up with her comment. The whole time I was reading her category, I kept thining, "Marcia???" haha.
This was fun, Andrew. I definitely think I'm a bit of each category. Is there a special category for that?? :)

Anonymous said...

this has been really a lot of fun, andrew!
thanks for doing this. :)

Goose said...

Hmh, I don't think my VESI description described me very well. But you, Andrew, all the charts and graphs?! You're written all over that one!

Quinton J said...

Patrick…many believe that the spirits of Bruce Lee and Q are one-in-the-same. Be Water.

Andrew...great teams! When do we race those utha' suckahs'?

Karen R said...

Andrew - these posts really neat. I love reading about the different personality runners :)

And I agree with your assessments of the personalties!

Raegun said...

I think I need to find some Promoters to run with! These are great. ;)

Matthew Bradford said...

You've got an awesome knack for creating an incredibly inclusive communities! Seriously.

Thank you for the write-up and referring link, Andrew! Hope you're having a great Sunday.

The Boring Runner said...

VERY interesting. Based on what you wrote there, I'm VESI 100%. I rarely like to run with other people, while I talk a TON I always had a hard time learning different languages, and I do think that my way is the best. :)

I'm probably not as much of a loaner as the write up makes it seem - however I am loyal to a fault.

GREAT work on these Andrew. Very cool.

Shawn said...

Hi Andrew,

Too freaky...I have a post quite similar to this, less detail but similar. this must have taken a huge amount of time to compile...kudo's to you!!! I think you're a blue/green or an orange /green. Keep it up, I enjoy reading!

Shawn said...

Sorry..forgot to add I am apparently a PEMA!

heather said...

This is good. PESA fits me pretty well. I do think maybe a coach would do me some good (but I don't like being told what to do)

Thanks for putting all this together! You rock!

Fruit Fly said...

I'd say mine is a good match. Probably why I am excellent at parties - even if I'm not the hostess. I just like to see everybody comfortable and enjoying themselves. Heck I'll even help clean up after a party that isn't at my house. I'm handy!