Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pentecost Sunday and the Kilt Run

Last week Jesus told everyone he was leaving.  But not to fear, he'll be with us always, and he'd send an advocate to speak on our behalf, to defend us when necessary, and to give us courage where appropriate.  Today, 50 days from Easter Sunday, is Pentecost.  The descent of the Holy Spirit on all believers.  We believe, from Isaiah, way back in the Older Testament that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were: knowledge, understanding, wisdom, right judgement, fortitude, reverence for God, and wonder of God.

Thomas Aquinas, in the 13th Century said, that each one of these gifts translates into a virtue that you can develop with prayer and practice.  These virtues would be: hope (from knowledge), faith (from understanding), charity (from wisdom), prudence (from right judgement), courage (from fortitude), justice (from reverence), and temperance (from wonder of God).

These are important sentiments for me today.  I missed the registration for the kilt run in Perth Ontario on July 2. I'm totally distraught.  We planned the whole trip finally got my wife to change her busy schedule so we could do a small little holiday, and REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!!!!

I emailed the race director and this is the response I got.  It has given me some hope:

hmmm We have turned down many a good man by this time, nay even some would say great. But yet I am intrigued by the your statement of Scotts favouing the wannabe runner???

But also surprized with the MBA, that you would not secure the main objective of the mission (the race) before to spend capital on the supporting functions (hotel) ... all very curious?

And what of faith .... and of counting the cost before to start the race ... the race set before us?
We must know more Andrew. Do you already have a kilt? (this might be a show stopper, as our kilt order was made many weeks ago)

You must pass many a firey furnace to enter this land. (question - name the hidden bagpipe song that will play on our race website - if ye find it?)

Thanks. It would be easy for me to say no .... but i hold out yet a little hope..........

Terry (keeper of the key)

You can see that Terry has a sense of humor!  Getting turned down at this point and in such a nice way is entirely polite and kind on his part, but it seems like he's given me a chance.  So I did some research on Friday night and I responded this way:


Thank you for giving me hope and inspiring me to persist! Thank you!

I've contacted Kilters Fashions, 251 Queen S, STREETSVILLE, ON L5M 1L7, 905-826-4023 for a fitting. But they suggested I also make an appointment at Cairngorm Scottish Imports, 1825 Avenue Rd, North York, ON M5M 3Z4, 416-782-5227 to see about renting a Kilt to keep my options open. I’ve asked for the specific “Ontario Tartan” you have on your website, but I need to bring this to the store as they’re unsure what Tartan that is. As saying it’s “aquamarine with yellow and red crossed lines” wasn’t apparently descriptive enough for them. I will make sure the kilt is belted, pleated in the back and at least mid thigh in length. (I wonder if I could get one that was Polyester, Wool is rather itchy.)

When you click on the graphic of William Wallace “Scotland the Brave” plays from the web site (Celtic Bagpipes - Scotland the Brave.mp3).

There’s a couple of things that give me some more hope that at least more questions will follow from you:
My grandfather on my mom’s side was a Polish Pilot of the Battle of Britain and he trained fighter pilots from the British Isles in Scotland in 1942-1943. He said that Scots were tougher than the Irish and that they understood the underdog better than most peoples of Europe. My dad, who passed away a few years ago had MS and my wife and I remain members of the MS Chapter of Mississauga. I really wanted to do this race after reading a post by Laurel Davidge of Ottawa on her blog but the original date of the run was different and I couldn’t make it. When I heard the date had changed to July 2nd I thought it would be awesome to do since I was going to run the 1 mile run in Kingston on the 1st – but registration had closed!

I also know that St. Andrew will intercede for me and if it wasn’t meant to be then I will need to try again next year. My 1 year anniversary for running is approaching on the 15th. On that day last year I ran-walked for 1.9 kilometers and it took me 20 minutes! But I’ve gotten a little better, I recently completed a half marathon in 2 and ¾ hours.

Thank you again. The email coming at the end of a tiring week made my wife and I laugh.

I look forward to more questions. Only the worthy runners who care for all the others should be permitted in!


So I went for a fitting.  There are a variety of kilts you can buy and styles, there's 5 yarders, 8 yarders, there's summer ones, winter ones, wedding ones, hunting ones.  They're all more expensive than a pair of pants though.  I'm still going shopping for one, but there is also the renting option.  The lady told me not to say I'll be running in it if I should rent one.  Apparently people do this often and they come back dirty and sweaty.

I think I will buy one that is regulation for the run.  Show up on race day and see if anyone doesn't pick up a bib and chip and see if they'll let me run.  Otherwise I'll volunteer and maybe get a few good pictures.  The problem is that when my family found out about the race they wanted to come.  I haven't had the courage to tell them that I'm not running it.

There are many more important things in life, family struggles, sickness, violence, so I won't ask you to pray for me, but I'm childishly asking you tho hope for me.


* MS = Multiple Sclerosis


The Boring Runner said...

So, do they make side slit shorty short kilts? Would that be a 1 yarder?

Still Running said...

Try talking with a paper clip on your tongue to get that proper Scottish accent. It can only help.

mfranks said...

Hey, I was running 800m repeats. I guess I should say easy HARD, lol. Thanks for the comment.
A kilt, huh? Interesting. Hope you get to run. I've missed registration before...had some success by bagging/pleading. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that kilt shopping was that involved! Good luck on getting the race director's approval. Looks like you've got an excellent start here...

Unknown said...

good luck getting into the kilt run.

misszippy said...

First, kudos to you for even asking the director...I wouldn't have even considered it. And second, what a great race director! Can't wait to hear all about the event!

Mary said...

I would LOVE to see a bunch of men running in kilts.

Caratunk Girl said...

Will you run the race like a true Scotsman? You know, just the kilt? ;)

Good luck, I hope you get in!

Q said...

Good luck getting in, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Anne said...

Hoping for you over here! Can't wait to read his reply to your reply :)

Lyndsey said...

He's totally going to let you in, I can feel it, he;s having some fun with you first, making you sweat it out.

Kate Geisen said...

You know, a friend once told me that God cares about the littlest things in your life. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. And it's silly, but I absolutely attribute my first pair of running shoes to His intervention. I even blogged about it.

Anyway. I really hope you get in, and my guess is that the race director's pretty humorous response can be attributed to your initial tone. Best of luck to you!

Raina said...

Why not try? At least you'll end up with a great new fashion piece!

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