Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Limestone Mile Running Strategy

I'm thinking you can do this in 9:08 or faster.
Looks like there's a bit of a hill from .20 - .60 so I'd go out quick with the downhill at start and then when the hills come, remember your hill training and relax and pump your arms, lean slightly into the hill, and push forward. When you reach the top, you have a bit over a quarter left so let it all go here: Push, push, push!!! Take a gu or some shotblocks, something with some quick energy (sugar) just before so it kicks in right when that hill starts.

Miles are tough (I ran them in college); you gotta conserve a little because if you go all out at the start, you're dead by the 100M mark, so go quick but not an all out sprint ... leave the all out sprint for when you reach the top of the hill and it's all basically downhill to the end (well, a small hill there but nothing you can't handle!!). You're tough and mean and you GOT THIS!!!
Certified AFAA Personal Trainer and RRCA Running Coach
Check out:

Kilt Run Race Day Activities

Happy Canada Day Tomorrow Everyone!

A happy tune to start your weekend (by a Scottish Lass).


runninglawyer said...

I'll keep an eye out for you at the race this weekend! Good luck!

bobbi said...

Good luck this weekend!!

misszippy said...

Have fun with it..if Jill says you can do it, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day - I'll drink a Scottish-Canadian Beer in your honor!

Evolving Through Running said...

That's quite the elevation profile. Have any rollerblades?

Good luck this weekend ... and happy kilting.

Emz said...

Loved this & you KNOW I loved jill's last line. "you got this".

KovasP said...

The True North strong and free!

Caroline said...

good Luck!
happy Canada to you and to me!!!!
I love that song!! I have her CD!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Paul said...

You kill it! Just don't trip over your 'nads and you'll be fine ;)

Jill said...

You FREAKING got this, is what I meant to say!!

Chris K said...

F yeah, you freaking got this.

Happy Canada Day.

Happy hangover.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Good luck this weekend!

Q said...

I'm so happy to see this, I remember your other post a while back and was hoping you got in. YESSSS!!!

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