Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

A video for Johann

I wonder how many cars (empty and full) each engine can pull. Two engines here and the cars looked pretty empty as they rolled by.

Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K

I still have no race strategy for this. I'm thinking run 6:00 per k for the first four ks then try to crank up the volume.

Adam posted that he's a coach. You may not have known this, but he coached me to my first 5k. Now that he will become a big-shot running coach I can say "I knew him when ..."

I also don't want to cheat but I want to make up a route that's all down hill for this virtual race ! :)


Last night's base run with a request from the coach to "add some hills if possible". The beauty is that I had my heart up to 206 BPM during the striders at the end.  I have to hand it to my coach.  She's put those striders in there on almost all of my short runs, and I really have to put it in gear to crank these out.  And now at races, I can pull out a sprint at the end.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.


Unknown said...

nice job on the hill repeats

Johann said...

Thanks for the video! That is quite some train there! I'm doing Adam's 5k as part of my Saturday 7.5k run although it is winter here. My goal is to sweat as much as possible. We have a mean cold front passing here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll just have to find a route that is all moving sidewalk then...

Kate Geisen said...

Great job on the run! Hmmm...where am I going to run on Saturday...

The Boring Runner said...

I'm always amazed at the efficiency of rail transport. My dad drives (semi) truck in addition to farming and says that railroads could easily put truckers out of biz if they were more widespread like in Europe.

Hooray sweat your thorns off!!!

The Boring Runner said...

btw - you had some killer graph smoothing on those elevations. They look like perfect triangles!

Jill said...

Sometimes that coach of yours gets it right. Phew!

No stratigy Saturday, just do yo thang!

Andrew Opala said...

I think that train was about 200 yards short of a full mile in length! I calculated 82 cars of 62 feet in length = 5080 feet.

it's all about pace said...

hills kick ass!

Anonymous said...

yikes! hills! ouch!

you rock my friend.


Still Running said...

That does look like it hurt.

Doug said...

So you had a hill up to your hill repeat location. You ran 5 repeats that covered about 3 miles and then you ran a pretty steep downhill with striders.

I am interested to see how you handle your downhills. Are you gliding down them and just letting your body kind of do its own thing or do you stay back on your heels and try to control the descent?

Good job by the way. That's a killer workout.

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