Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I haven't changed my diet and I've been losing weight consistently over the last 4 months. More importantly, I have more energy and have lost about 6 inches in waistline (also about 28 lbs - but who's counting). But this fantasy world I live in had to change one day. And so Jill wrote me on Sunday evening that:

"I want to continue to see those numbers decrease about 2-3 lbs/week ... try to aim your ratios to about: 45 carbs, 38 protein, 12 fats"

I quickly summed the 45+38+12 and discovered that 5% was missing.  She replied that 5% was for daily alcohol consumption - bonus!  But then she double checked that I already own a Garmin and she distributed it over the other components for 47:40:13.  (There's absolutely no reason not to get my family drunk for another Garmin - I could always have one charged as a backup!)

I've been tracking my diet with "Lose it!" an iPhone app and I've discovered that my boring food choices have a load of fat in them. Please allow me to blame my wife for a moment (it's ok, she doesn't read this blog). My wife loves fat - she will put butter and mayo under cheese in a sandwich - and she is thin as a stick! My mother-in-law will put half a pound of butter into a sauce for two people! And they're all thin! They've got these wonderful figures - and I look at a cube of ice and I can gain weight!  When I was growing up we didn't eat lots of fat, but we ate lots of meat, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. And the change in diet over our married years has been stored for a rainy day - and now it's raining.

This morning for example I had 1 cup of oatmeal, maple syrop, 1 1/2 egg omelette with a slice of smoked ham for 447 calories -  50% carb: 18% protein: 31% fat.  Like I said too much fat not enough protein.

But now I'm stuck for lunch - tuna sandwich? pasta with tomato sauce? I'm home today so I can cook for myself - but going to the office means I need to think this through a bit.

What's one of your favorite foods/meals (share a recipe if you like)?  What do you do to increase the protein in your diet without increasing fat as well?


Unknown said...

To increase protein without fat, I eat fat free chobani greek yogurt twice a day.

Matty O said...

protein shakes.

Interesting on the ratios... I just took my portions and halved them and then took out a lot of carbs.

That is how I lost over 50 pounds. Now a days I try not to drink a lot of beer and I stop eating burgers.

Favorite "healthy meals". This could get long but...

Pizza. We make it ourselves on a whole wheat dough. We control what goes in it. Use diced tomatoes, turkey pepperonis (use extra lean meat when you cook and we use turkey instead of beef now... very rarely eat beef unless burgers), low fat cheese (minimal).

Shrimp pasta.

Pork chops, sweet potatoes, and apples.

Matty O said...

OH, and FYI, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup is probably my biggest weakness right now, worse than ice cream.

Your blog picture has just given me a craving for pancakes. Thanks a lot for that... GRRRRRR

ShutUpandRun said...

Beans. I put them in salads, pastas, soups. Plus the farting is an extra fun bonus.

Nicole said...

Geez, that's really too bad that she had to take back the alcohol portion of the diet :(

I'm trying to think of things that I eat with this type of ratio??? Hmmmm, salad with meat and no dressings. Greek Yogurt is really good. Smoothies with soymilk, spinach, banana,protein powder. I'm not sure if these are the correct ratio or not.

Good luck... I'm off to make pancakes, I got a craving from your photo like Matty :)

Teamarcia said...

Big salads with tuna, veggie omelettes, go to Costco and get yourself a honking big bag of whey protein. I use it in shakes, in pancakes/french toast, etc.
I sneak tons of veggies in my pasta sauce, lots of lean protein and veggies for dinner.

Adrienne said...

Congrats on the continual weight loss, hope it continues for you. I subsitute a lot of in most meals I make. I use ground turkey rather than ground beef. Wheat everything (pasta, flour, etc.) I actually grind my own wheat--pathetic but true. Never use mayo. And hardly any butter. I only use cheese if absolutely necessary and I usually half it and you don't notice the difference. Actually you do notice that you don't feel a brick in your stomach after eating. If you use 1/2 a cup of sharp cheddar it taste the same as 1 cup of mild cheddar. Beans in salad like SUAR mentioned or sliced boiled eggs. Fills you up not out. Good luck----and nice blaming the wife. I too take all the blame around here.

Ewa said...

Good job on weight loss.
From my experience, carbs make me hungry. Period. Actually they make me famished.

Anonymous said...

if you really want to lose weight. cut out all carbs - the weight will just drop off.


Unknown said...

Great job on the weightloss!

I changed my work lunch so instead of eating out, I have a Morningstar Chicken Patty (lots of protein), spinach, plain almond slivers, and some other veggies like cukes, tomatoes or onions thrown in. Filling and healthy!

Johann said...

I must say nutrition is something I know very little about. I do watch what I eat and don't eat fatty foods and junk, but I generally eat what I crave. When I up the mileage I drop weight faster, but I don't care too much about this. I currently average about 75km (46.5 miles) per week and can eat more or less what I want. This will soon up to 100km (62 miles) average per week and then I eat all the time, even snacking on eggs and cheese at 2AM sometimes.

Jill said...

Chicken breasts, fish, egg whites, spinach, repeat. Yum, huh??!!

Paul said...

Milk fats were my biggest culprit. I stopped piling on the cheese and butter. I don't use butter at all any more and use only nonfat milk. I use olive oil on my baked potatoes and salad dressings.

Try adding more interesting spices and fresh herbs (keep some around) to make your food more exciting, rather than using fat.

More fish, shellfish. More chicken.

Buy leaner cuts of beef (grass fed)

Buy the lean pork, not the very fatty stuff.

Try some tofu dishes. I make a shitake stir fry that is awesome, even my wife (she's like yours) likes it. I'll give you the recipe if you are curious.

portion size control matters. Don't keep chowing down on the free bread in restaurants, etc.

I don't think the ratio of protein to carbs matters that much..mostly you probably just need to keep down the fats.

You will feel SO GREAT as you drop the pounds.

It's almost worth having gotten out of shape just so you can feel so good when you get into shape! (Ok, maybe not, but you get my point 8)

Patrick Mahoney said...

Just watch portions too. Avoid the bread basket when you go out, plus everything above.

Emz said...

syrop? Is that Canadian spelling again?!

beans - yes.
Turkey burgers - yum
Turkey meatballs - yes, I like turkey
Hummus - love that stuff

Oh & I'm a faithful "lose it" app user. I love it.

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

Salmon-yes it contains more fat, but it has also shown to reduce inflammation and actually enhance body composition. I eat it just like Tuna on sandwiches and also with rice or couscous. Good stuff!

Another very underrated running food is Quinoa. I'm with Beth, beans are also excellent.

KovasP said...

Quinoa is an amazing grain with a ton of protein and no fat.

Ewa said...

I've been relying mostly on Wurzburg/Stanford studies (can't find the original article with a pdf link to their suggested diet) but here is a recap from popular media:,8599,1662484,00.html


also check the pdf link on this page:

and about heart disease and carbs:

Elizabeth said...

Soup and sandwich, can make just about any soup with no fat, pile high with loads of vegetable and for your sandwich use a lettuce leaf instead of bread.

Chicken breast bake with a can of diced tomato/chile and some herbs with some cooked Quinoa.

Quinoa is also great for breakfast with some raisins and cinnamon added to it. Agave nectar and almond milk as needed. Cranberries can also be use.

Add beans to everything. It is amazing that once you start paying attention to it, oil is not really needed in most food and a tsp to Tsp goes a long way or switch to spray oil, you can only press that sucker down so many times before your fingers get tired and you move on.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

Greek yogurt and protein shakes =)

I lost only 4 lbs this month. hoping to lose another 5.

Matthew Bradford said...

As a vegetarian, lentils and tofu have been very good to me. Lentils can kinda blend in with the food around them while I think that tofu needs some extra TLC with a marinade, or a little bit of frying (that does increase the fat, obviously).

Keep up the hard work of maintaining your diet while those around you are not. You have to be so proud of yourself for all the hard work that you're putting in!

Anonymous said...

Edamame... I could live off the stuff.

Karen R said...

I'm so jealous of the weight loss! I hit a plateau earlier this summer. Let's just say, the last 10 lbs I have lost recently, have been the most difficult ever!! I worked hard for those 10 lbs.

That is funny about protein - I've had to increase my protein the last 7 weeks and it is hard to choke down so much protein! I love chicken and turkey breast, neither of which have any fat to speak of. And I make egg whites in a nonstick pan so no butter or oil. I find that adding veggies to the protein (like tomatoes and mushrooms to the egg whites), helps me not miss the fat (like cheese).

And, if I may add...Canadian bacon is a lean protein!

AnnaMac said...

My favorite topic -- food! As a vegetarian, I have to find ways to add protein. I always try to get a lot of protein via breakfast. Depending on time and craving, I switch between two go-to meals for the morning.

Meal 1: granola with Greek yogurt (or milk) with fruit on top and a whole wheat bagel with almond or peanut butter (natural)

(Natural peanut or almond butter is better for you, but it might seem more expensive. Buy it in bulk, and it's actually cheaper)

Meal 2: two egg omelet with mixed vegetables

I could obviously talk about food all day, and I have a million more protein tricks.

AnnaMac said...

Also, lentils are the best!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm a big fan of quinoa for good carbs and protein and no fat.

here's one of my favorite recipes for quinoa-stuffed peppers:

Also, sometimes I'll just dice the peppers instead, add it to the mix, and then use it as a filling in a whole-wheat wrap (it's esp. good topped with a few avocado slices!)

I even eat quinoa for breakfast. I'll make ~2 cups on a Sunday night, then add a little bit of milk and dried fruit or nuts. That container will last me the whole week, just refrigerate and heat it up in the microwave (or it's not bad cold, either). If you need to sweeten it, you can use agave nectar or honey.

Liz said...

I use beans as much as possible (although I struggle with diet...). This is one of my go to recipes. It's super easy and so yummy while being pretty healthy. I'm not sure if it fits your ratios entirely, but here it is any way.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Eggs and fish for protein.

Be careful with protein shakes and such. Only elite athletes need more than the RDA.

Anonymous said...

dude you could have cut 7.5 grams of fat from your breakfast by using egg whites instead of whole eggs.

And you could have had like 8 egg whites for the same calories as 1 1/2 eggs. All protein and no fat.

93/7 ground sirloin
lots of chicken breast
filet mignon
muscle milk light-it's filling!

James said...

I've been actively running for nearly a year now and have yet to lose more than 10 lbs. Diet is crucial and something I've been struggling with. It looks like you're doing well at adjusting your diet. Have you tried spark people to track your nutrition?

Raegun said...

I just posted a stew recipe that is full of veg and even includes 5% alcohol. :)

AnnaMac said...

More of my go-to protein tricks:

Red lentil soup is the best! (And a good source of protein). If you don't want to cook it, find a good Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurant. Nothing beats a meal of lentil soup and vegetarian stuffed grape leaves with yogurt -- low fat (but good oils), satisfying, protein rich, the best.

And my favorite new one: unsweetened chocolate almond milk (2g protein per serving) + ice + 1 or 2 spoons natural peanut butter (more protein) + 1 banana. put it all in a blender, and it makes great desserts, snacks, or even breakfasts. all good things. i'm thinking about trying to freeze my next batch in small paper cups to have some frozen desserts around. i also think maybe a spoonful or two of yogurt in it might be good.

Chris K said...

What worked for me was adding a mid-morning and late-afternoon healthy snack. Gotta keep the metabolism cranking. Oh, and watch the sugar intake like a hawk. Finally, listen to your Coach :-)

The Green Girl said...

Sorry no help here. I struggle to keep my carbs low while increasing protein and fats. ::sigh::

Quinton J said...

those little flavoured tuna tins with the peel off top. when those bad boys go on sale at walmart...I fill my desk. FILL IT!

Anonymous said...

I love cutting a chicken breast into my pasta. protein & carbs, very low fat. My step-mom and mother-in-law put a stick of butter on everything. My dad goes, but it tastes so good, to which I reply, therein lies the problem: Fat tastes good!