Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday By the Numbers

number of olympics at which tug-o-war was considered an olympic sport:
number of olympics at which plunge diving and live pigeon shooting
was considered an olympic sport:
the number of events in the first olympics in 776 B.C.
the length of the only event (a sprint) in those first olympics 776 B.C.
210 yrds
number of NFL teams named after a charge card
(the Diner's Club Carte Blanche):
1 (San Diego)
number of feet, over which a human can outrun a Formula 1 car,
both starting from a complete stop:
number of cows needed for all the leather footballs used in the NFL for one year:
% of high school atheletes that play their sport in college:
2% [src]
average time of finishers of the 2009 NYC Marathon:
% pace decrease for every 5 degrees increase in temperature over 60 degrees:
maximum amount of water (in ounces) the largest human can hold:
maximum amount of water (in ounces) the average human can hold:
% of the population that is above average anything
% of the population that is below average anything
average life expectancy of a Star Trek red-shirt crew member (in seconds)
after landing party:
Average miles per gallon you can expect if a car maker's ad says "30 mpg, city":
average miles per gallon for off-the-shelf gatorade that a jog burns:
for a hard run:
Usain Bolt's top speed (in mph) during his 100 m Olympic sprint performance:
27.79 [src]

Good luck everyone with races! I have my 10k on Sunday and am pumped!


Unknown said...

Good luck this weekend!

ShutUpandRun said...

I could so run 27.79 mph if I wasn't injured.

Good luck this weekend. You are going to kill it. In a good way.

Unknown said...

The pace decrease fact is one I need to remember. As the weather cools off, my pace should "automagically" increase!

Jill said...

Gatorade makes me barf so therefore it makes me go zero miles per gallon.

Hoping for a PR Sunday, don't let me down there!!

Andrea said...

Good Luck on your 10K!!

Emz said...

Number of Andrew's that are going to rock their race Sunday = 1

percentage sure I want Canadian's on my side = 100% [awesome video, loved that. Largest oil producer to USA?! loved all the random facts!!]

Ewa said...

Have a great race and don't go on any away missions dressed in a red uniform. :)
Hope it is not too hot.

The Green Girl said...

D'oh! I'm sorry for leaving you out of good luck wishes.

Good luck at your 10k!

Paul said...

Have fun with your 10k! Now your getting into serious distances....


PS: pace doesn't slow down 20% with every 5F over 60F...more like a couple percent ( which is still a lot).

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Do great this weekend!

"average life expectancy of a Star Trek red-shirt crew member (in seconds)
after landing party"..that made me laugh.

One of my favorite shows in the Big Bang Theory, in one episode a character is talking about Star Trek landing parties and says 'I'm spock, you're kirk, she's Dr McCoy, howard is Scotie, and Rajesh is the guy who always get killed'

AnnaMac said...

Good luck on Sunday!

Anne-Marie said...

Good luck with the 10k! Hope the weather is cooperative :)

Kruns2 said...

Luv the numbers! Hopefully no one was too surprised about the % falling above or below average. :) Have a wonderful race and don't forget to enjoy yourself! Sometimes I pay too much attention to the info my Garmin is spitting out that I forget to look around and enjoy the journey. Good Luck!

Christina said...

Good luck with the 10K. Looking forward to hear all about it!

Raegun said...

Wow - the 10k snuck up pretty quickly, no? Best of luck!!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

Good luck this weekend! You're gonna kill it =)

Elizabeth said...

Have fun at the 10k

Goose said...

Push yourself this weekend, but most importantly, enjoy!

Q said...

Good luck, kick some bum this weekend!

C2Iowa said...

Good luck. A PR may be in the air!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I've always been a fan of Leon de Lunden (Belgium), one of the greatest bird shooters ever (consider the previous to be in a sarcastic font). OK and Usain Bolt hitting 27 + MPH? Crazy. (no sarc font)

Chris K said...

Aw Man, you threw in the Chargers thing just for me, didn't ya Grasshopper. Hey, how knows, maybe Shawn "Lights Out" Merriman will soon be playing for MY Rough Riders.

Ginny M said...

Love the numbers! Who knew it took 3,000 cows to make the footballs for the NFL's yearly supply?!? That bit of trivia will definitely come in handy sometime :)

Anonymous said...

let us know sunday afternoon how you did!

finish strong, andrew!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaw drop... 27.79mph... holy smokes...