Monday, January 24, 2011

The King's Speech

Some points you should know about me as a reviewer:

  1. I'm 45, and have had my fill of holding dieing people's hands, near-death experiences, sickness and family loss in my own life
  2. I prize witty, clever, and intelligent humor
  3. I don't enjoy films about the British Monarchy
  4. I like "based on historic facts" movies
  5. I don't like overly-simplified characters
  6. I don't like shooting or car chases when I pay $13/ticket (it's alright with commercials on TV though)
  7. I don't like 5000 main characters in a movie
  8. I like movies about personal struggle and the way people address their difficulties
Overall, this movie was quite good.  The only negative point is that if you don't know much about Wallace Simpson and Edward VIII (like my wife), you won't understand what a shock the changes were for England and how the way "Bertie" interacted with him developed the main character.  Of course this is not a fault of the movie, as you need to be a little educated to understand what was happening, but the movie sort-of assumes you should know what is happening.  The movie seemed to float by and was well paced, and did not fill me with too much pomp and nonsense about the British Monarchy - it presented some key people as likable.  They say some dirty words in it - and it's actually funny!

So my review of this movie (that my wife dragged me to) is:
▪▪▪▪▫ 4 out of 5

Not a running movie, but I felt surprised enough by it recommend it.


misszippy said...

This movie is high on my list to see, so glad to hear a positive review. I'll probably have to drag my husband to it also--maybe I'll have him read this before!

Anonymous said...

thanks, andrew. i don't go to the movies often but this was one that i've wanted to see.


BrianFlash said...

I saw this movie this weekend and was also pleasantly surprised. It was a bit of a throw back movie - a good story and acting without all the crazy over the top stuff that so many movies have.

Teamarcia said...

That's nice but what I really need to know is what did you think of Tangled?

Chris K said...

You like witty, clever, and intelligent humor? So that's why you come to my Blog.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I'm probably gonna see it this week - for my money you & Kovas are the two wittiest bloggers I follow. Chris K is pretty funny too, but? The funniest thing I've read was last week when you commented on Chris K's "manly" post ... "I'm on a horse" ... Hahaha!

The Boring Runner said...

I'm with Chris - obvs, the reason you read my blog so much is because of my intelligent humor.