Thursday, January 6, 2011


December Totals
Total Kms:148.8
Total Miles:93.0
Core Workouts/Drills:8
Weight Workouts:8
5K Races1

2010 Totals
Total Kms:872.5
Total Miles:545.3
5K Races2
10K Races1

Have you ever had a vacation and then came back and realized you need another vacation to recover?  Well, that's me right now!

We had an awesome couple of weeks with the family, enjoying Christmas, Holy Family, New Years, and Epiphany.  Lot's of good food and fun for everyone (even me) last week.  Part of my diet last week was to eat about 2 dozen eggs and down about 10 scoops of protein powder.  And last weeks training runs were just tiring!  And through all the fun I lost 5 pounds over the holidays!  The coach was kind to me - I could have easily been made to lose 10.  I guess there is some kindness inside that Colorado Running Computer after all!  The coach is an asset - I recommend one to everyone who wants to improve.

I don't make new years resolutions.  I just make them when I make them.  I think waiting for certain dates to start things is a little anti-awesome.  And I wannabe awesome.

But what's in the cards for the next couple of weeks you ask? ... continue training, tuning, improving my fitness, running more 5ks, 10ks, maybe a few 10 milers, maybe even a half.  So far I have a virtual 5k on Saturday, and I'm thinking about doing the refrigerator 8-miler in Waterloo on February 20, 2011 (guaranteed PR!).

Tomorrow I'll post a bit on my slippery ground running kit I'm trying out, plus some of my super favorite exercises for generating curses and swearing, and a scale that is being returned for a refund!

Thank you everyone for the awesome gifts, and wishes.  I wish you all a awesome New Year of hard-fought victories and difficult challenges that make you drink the juice of life from every day!!!!


Emz said...

you received a faulty scale too? weird.

Still Running said...

That's a lot of eggs. My guess is you weren't allowed to add a lot of cheese either. Good for you on the 5 lb loss!

KovasP said...

I'm always so impressed that you run so many kilometers and then add some miles on top of that!

Andrew Opala said...

you make me giggle Kovas!

misszippy said...

Please reveal your secret for losing weight over the holidays! I'm sure you could sell it.

Georgia Snail said...

Some how I missed that 5k PR, Congrats!

Unknown said...

great numbers for december. i don't do new years resolutions either! so ordinary and i want to be extra-ordinary!

Lee said...

Glad you had a nice holiday, nice see you back in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

you are a beast! i'm so impressed how dedicated you are. WOOT!

Jill said...

It's a good thing to keep the chicken farmers in business!

Chris K. is going to be thrilled you posted, he's been hounding my email inbox wondering where you've been!

My Colorado computer is busy working on some #'s for you as I type.

Adrienne said...

Regarding Kovas's comment: My 5th grader came home yesterday from school and explained to me how he learned about the metric system and how it makes so much more sense than the "old" English system that we (USA) use. I just stared at him and thought "treason"! Do you have room in your basement? I could send the bunkbed.

I agree with you about the goals. I like to use the new year to "remind" myself of what my life goals are and to teach the kids to work for something. My goals are more 5 year, 10 year, lifetime based. Nice job on the 5lbs. I've gained about 10 since Thanksgiving--freak!

Ewa said...

5lb down over the holidays? Now that is a miracle.
Would hard work be a good type of vacation from vacation?

Christina said...

How did you lose weight over the holidays?
That's practically IMPOSSIBLE.
Wannabe awesome? How about already-quite-awesome?

Katie said...

ahaha Kovas :D

I gained 4 lbs over the holidays, but then I hit it hard this week and lost 5 lbs, soooo I'm -1 :DD

I'm mostly carrying all my current goals into the new year, I don't think I made any brand new ones.

Yayy virtual 5k on Saturday, let's kick some boot-ayyy

Chris K said...

Well, since we've emailed a bunch of times today I really have nothing to say right now. That Kovas.

Tortuga_Runner said...

I don't think I could do an egg diet, I'd better not gain any weight.