Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pounds Off Playoffs

Thanks for all your great support, wisdom and humor for my Wannabe post yesterday!

Alan, writes a blog called the Pounds off Playoffs.  I don't know how I started to read his blog, but he's gotten to a pretty important cusp in his blog's raison d'être.  And I'd like everyone to know about it.

The background (src: about)

The blog is about everything, but mostly about what diets work with Alan.  He's chosen 16 different diets, does each diet for a week.  Pairs up the diets two at a time, and then the one that helped him lose the most weight goes on to the next round.  Then he pairs them up again and they fight it out.  He's lost 29 lbs. but his writing hasn't lost any wit along the way.  I also enjoy his weight-loss profiles of well-known sports personalities.

So yesterday he posted The Final Four Edition:
  • 2500 Calories per day Diet
  • No Processed Food Diet
  • 8:00 Curfew Diet
  • Three Strikes Diet
I was kinda partial to the "No Whites" diet as I felt this punished him the most (I'm a sadist)!

There's still a few months to go ... please check the blog out!

I won a blogger award from The Hotlegs Runner, that I'll try to post on in the next couple of days, and I wanted to post a bit on my protein shakes that I've been trying ... plus a painful movie of me doing my 20 burpees in a row.


Teamarcia said...

Oh crap, I gave you the same award. Consider yourself double teamed.

Anonymous said...

Wow... really interesting... gonna check out his blog.

Adrienne said...

Sounds cool, I'll check out his blog. Although if I ate 2500 calories a day that would double what I should eat. Damn men always get more calories :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Wow, cool idea. Sounds like a tough thing to do though! I'll go check out his!! Thanks!

Jill said...

Man that award is making the rounds! Can't wait for the burpee video - don't forget the pushups with it!!! :)

Georgia Snail said...

2500 calorie diet? That sounds like a weight gain, not weight loss plan....I need to read this blog.

Jennifer said...

Thanks about the blogger heads-up, I'll be checking it out! Cheers!

Paul said...

Hmm. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I think all these diets are really, really a bad idea. Eating all grapefruits or lard or fish is just stupid and harmful.

There's healthy eating. Try it (along with exercise!)

Just my 2 cents,

Karen R said...

That is hilarious about the diet guy! But hey, it is a creative way to lose weight and won't get boring!

I've been trying some homemade protein shakes myself on my early moring workout days. Can't wait to hear about yours!

Chris K said...

I like this diet: Eat healthy foods, burn more calories than you take in.