Sunday, October 31, 2010

Running Style: PAMI, VAMI, PASA

The following information relates to the Running Style Survey (a total theft of a 4-question Myers-Briggs test) that we all started doing last Wednesday.  You are welcome to invite your readers to complete the survey as well (the more the merrier!)  Here's some general information so far.

55 people completed the survey with the following results:

TypePeopleper centTypePeopleper cent

In the next few days, I'm gonna try to write some B.S. reasonable stuff about each running type.  Of course this will be theft as well (from the Keirsey Temperament Sorter) with some stupid clever deviations.

PAMI - The Champion Runner
Java Joggers
Champions are very individualistic and they feel a need to experience significant social events like the opening of the new Walmart or the latest Justin Bieber concert. Champions are keen observers of the people around them but can often be confused for stalkers. Champions are good with people and usually have a wide range of personal relationships with other runners different from themselves.

Champions are constantly scanning the social environment, and no intriguing character or silent motive is likely to escape their attention. All Champions believe I think they are cute and am flirting with them. I'm not! Champions can be tireless in talking with others, like fountains that bubble and splash, spilling over their own words to get it all out.  Champions will be told to "shut the f*** up" several times during long races from tired people behind them.

Champions strive toward a kind of personal authenticity, and this intention always to be themselves is usually quite attractive to others (especially to me).

Well know champions are:
Some champion quotes:
Character is much easier kept than recovered. - Thomas Paine

VAMI - The Healer Runner
Johann, Forward Foot Strides
Healers present a calm and serene face to the world, and can seem shy, but inside they have a capacity for personal caring. Healers care deeply about the inner life of a few special persons (and when they comment on your blog you feel very very special).  Healers have a profound sense of idealism that comes from a strong personal sense of right and wrong. They conceive of the world as an ethical, honorable place, full of wondrous possibilities and potential goods.  They foolishly think that all races are fair, water stations are in the right spots, aid stations are properly manned and the RD measured the distance correctly.

Healers can feel even more isolated in the purity of their idealism or even run slower that they can, just to be alone at the back of the pack!

They have a natural interest in scholarly activities and demonstrate a remarkable facility with language (especially words that begin with the letter "g"). Frequently they hear a call to go forth into the world and help others, a call they seem ready to answer, even if they must sacrifice their own comfort or a PR.  Seeking therapy can limit hearing these calls (or un-listing your number).

Well known healers are:
Some healer quotes:
To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

PASA - The Fieldmarshal Runner
Kovas, Kenley, Raegun
The Fieldmarshal runner always has a route B (C, D or even E) if route A is no longer good.  They are great at situational organizing.  They are the first to suggest an umbrella when it rains.  From an early age they can be observed taking command of groups: organizing children's unions in day-care, being elected class president in kindergarten.  They have a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are and if you run with them, no need to ask as they will tell you where to go right away!

When reading a map a Fieldmarshal runner may need to turn to an Inventor or Architect to provide information about how to cross a river (it's called a "bridge" by the way), how to find out what tomorrow's forecast is, or how to convert kilometers into miles.

For the Fieldmarshal, there must always be a goal-directed reason for doing anything, and people's feelings usually are not sufficient reason. So don't tell them you need to walk out the cramp because you don't like how it feels.  Tell them your goal "is to walk out the cramp and then catch up".  Fieldmarshals root out and reject ineffectiveness and inefficiency, and are impatient with repetition of error.

Well known fieldmarshals are:
Some fieldmarshal quotes:
But I'm not using those lessons just for theorizing about the future, I am betting on it. - Bill Gates


Anonymous said...

PASA ;-) that was easy.

Karen R said...

Neat post! But my letters aren't up yet! I guess I'll have to wait for those...

Unknown said...

okay, now i wish I had taken the test...

Andrew Opala said...

@termite - you switched from a VESA to a PASA? np, you can switch back once you read what a VESA is.

Andrew Opala said...

@Lisa - you can keep taking the test - there is still lots of nonsense to be had!

Adrienne said...

I'm hurt. Sniff sniff. I thought we were friends.

Johann said...

I like this! Thanks Andrew!

Ginny M said...

Oh wow, my running profile is 50/50 hilarious/creepy! I don't really see myself as a stalker, just more of the "nag people til they agree to run with me" type of person. Charismatic even, dare I say? And I GUESS I like being in the group with Charles Dickens. Edith Wharton? Not so sure :)

Chris K said...

Since I didn't see my name, looks like you are saving the best styles for last.

Teamarcia said...

humph... I wanted to be a champion runner. The VESI had BETTER be good!

Kenley said...

Hey, thanks for the information and feedback man. Loved it!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

haha... love this!

Anonymous said...

can i be somewhere in in middle?? :-/

Nitmos said...

I got fixated on the numbers in the grid and forgot what I was doing.

marmot said...

great list of champion runners...awesome.

Q said...

Andrew you're awesome, I love this!

Bwahaha!: "They foolishly think that all races are fair, water stations are in the right spots, aid stations are properly manned and the RD measured the distance correctly."

Unknown said...

i had to go back and read this since the survey said i was PASA which you have as fieldmarshal runner.

Raegun said...

Scary, because it's true. I always seem to be the one with the all makes sense now! LOL