Friday, August 27, 2010

9.5k, Virtual 5k, Angels and VCs

Ran 9.5k (5.93 miles) / 7:47 pace (12:28 per mile). Even though I thought 9 would be a stretch, I probably could run at this pace for a while.  My breathing had dropped to conversational level and my heart rate was at about 122 bpm after my water break at the 5k split.  [I've made a note that this pace is about 8:22 minutes per kilometer (16:23 per mile)].  I just had to get moving for the day so I couldn't lounge around running.  My wife gave me the once over so I'm ok!
For those of you who are interested in my wannabe training the mostly-metric xls is here:


I ran a virtual race today for the first part of my run.  It was a "virtual 5k for ladies naughty bits" hosted by From Fat to Fab.  My watch time was 36:23 at the 5k split.  Here's my Bib on the right, and here's a link to the editable word document if you want to print out your own - but you get prizes for creating something interesting so maybe you shouldn't - and you need to get a number from BerryFine.  The race is still on until August 31.  It's a good cause in many ways.


Today I'm in Waterloo for a well-known venture fund.  I don't really qualify for this, but I want a hand-off to someone who will be more receptive.  The guy I'm meeting today is known as the "Octopus" for his network of Angels and VCs.  The idea is: you show up, explain how you can stretch some of the work that's been done to fit within the parameters, then he says "no it will not, but I know a guy who is interested in this stage". ... and as Boston sings "whooo, sign a record company contract ..." Yesterday's meeting served its purpose - to shake out the presentation and start collecting "yes buts".  Most of "yes buts" have been around my weak management team - and they are right on.  Most of my key partners are knee deep in their primary ventures, and I've had to honestly state that in the appendix of resumes.  The guys that can start full-time in the two core areas Marketing and Engineering don't have start-up VP-level experience.  C'est la vie!

BTW for those of you who don't know me, I make start-ups like crap goes through a goose.  The idea is then angel finance, build a management team, get the product developed, get a customer or customers get some revenue rolling in, then re-finance or shop it around to competitors or suitors.  The cycle takes between 2 to 4 years and I've been involved in part or wholly in these ventures since 1996. I have three on the go right now.


I've collected a lot of sites from different people over the past few weeks.  Sites that help them track and train in running and cross training.  I'm going to do a little "product" comparison on these sites.  It won't be in depth, but I'm looking for something specific and I plan to look into the features of all of them.  I'll post my results.  Stay tuned!


The Green Girl said...

I love the bib idea for the virtual races. I've done a handful of virtual races but we never had bibs.

Congratulations on the speed - that's awesome!

Lily on the Road said...

OH my good God, I can hardly read this post because I am crying from laughing so hard from your previous post. Okay, I promise to compose myself and re-read this..hold on...

Oh, good for you to partake in the virtual run for Susan's cause...I remember when she passed away, it was just so sad for her kids and her husband.

Have a great race, for a great cause....and please make sure you get the "good to go" from your wife before you leave the house.

Unknown said...

Great job on your virtual race. :-)

KovasP said...

It'll be interesting to see what you com eup with on the comparison of online training tracking sites. I've thought of doing it but am just way too lazy. I'm sticking with DailyMile til December 31st and then making the jump, possibly to Beginner Triathlete.

Berryfine said...

LOVE IT. Your posts are great :) Thanks for the shout out and the run!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Way to kick butt on your 5k!

And I love your bib :)

Johann said...

Great run for the 9.5 and the 5k. Will be interesting to see your comparison of the sites. I've got a virtual race somewhere in Oct. Bib sounds like a great idea.

Lindsey said...

NICE job on the run!!!!

The Boring Runner said...

Nice work on the run!! Was that the longest that you've ran before?

Very interesting on the VC stuffs. My consulting brain has a hard time wrapping itself around 2-4 years though.

Christina said...

Not sure if you have buckeye for your comparision but I love that site. It's a great site for tracking mileage, shoes, eating, etc.