Friday, August 13, 2010

Endurance Run ... I know you all laugh, but for me it's endurance

Ran 6.5 km / 4 mi in 52 minutes, just slightly slower than my Macmillan calculator pace.  Humidity was 83% so I felt a little over heated rather quickly in the run - was surprised while running since the temperature was listed at just a little warmer than room temperature, but I quickly found out how hard it was to breathe the air.

My splits for my own record (and second table for Chris):

SplitTodayWeek Ago
* includes a water stop

* interpolated times
** includes a water stop

Thanks for limiting the nauseating comments on the legs.  From people that saw this at work I got:
"Oh my God! Oh, sorry Andrew.",
"You should have that looked at." [pointing to a mole]
"Look on the bright side, it can only get better from here."

Welcome Rio - I might have missed saying so earlier.


Johann said...

No laughing! Not long and you'll look back at this and see how you progressed. Keep all your logs, it's great motivation for later.

The Boring Runner said...

Long is a relative term. Your daily 5K runs would be considered VERY long for most.

Continue building on your base. Addl miles (or KM I suppose ;) ) is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Compared to most of the population, that IS a long run. Good for you!

Chris K said...

Andrew, trust me, none of your Followers will laugh. Okay, we will laugh because your are funny, but never due to distance or pace. Adam is right, keep building your base. It takes a long time. Thanks for converting to miles, very funny.