Monday, August 2, 2010

Post BBQ Unhappiness

When will I ever learn that the old me is not able to run! I went to my sister-in-law's last night to drop in with my family. Well it turned into a drink and food fest. And I was cool, I had some fun, I drank only one 500 ml can of Austrian beer and ate only a few spoonfuls of the fatty summer salads but the worst was I drank only a little water. I felt awkward asking for more water. They were giving out these small bottles of imported Italian water. As soon as he handed me a bottle I wanted to say, "Hey buddy, I drink a 4-Liter torpedo bottle every hour in the summer! I'm going to bankrupt you." Was polite and drank little. Then when we got home I tried to drown myself under the tap for a few minutes and then when I woke up at night for nature's call, but I definitely felt dehydrated in the run. But the second thing was the lack of energy when running and the mental intervention to "run faster".

Today's run looked like this:

4.8k in 35:27

1k Split6:46Friday's6:32
2k Split6:596:58
3k Split7:247:28
4k Split7:437:36
5k Split (projected from 4.8k)8:127:56

You can see that I really lost it after 4k (even though each k was a little slower). Got to go to these BBQs on Saturday rather than Sunday!


The Boring Runner said...

I never know what to think when people serve those little water bottles. I'm with you - I go through the stuff like I'm packing it away for winter so I'm never quite sure how much to drink.

Chris K said...

You Canadians are so lucky, you get to drink tap water. I bet you get free healthcare too :-)

Rae said...

Hi Andrew! I just searched around for 10K training programs and then decided which one would work best for me. If you find my first 10K Training post, I think I linked to two programs I found. I do keep track of my runs. I don't really have time goals when I run. I just want to be able to run 10K without stopping. However, when I run my first 10K race, I'd love to do it in under an hour.

Johann said...

Luckily we can drink tap water here in SA as well. I go through many liters per day.
Don't think I'm related to Cardinal Richelieu, but I'm going to look into it:)

Andrew Opala said...

Chris, if you look at the Phoenix site, they have a (looks like) four-armed insect drinking the water ( They get their water from the Colorado river. Then this site says you get it from the Colorado river too. Maybe you should talk to Adam about what they put back into the water after they drink it.