Sunday, August 22, 2010

The-Path-is-Narrow Weekend

Thank you to all my new friends and all the people who read my "regret".  I appreciate what you said.

For those of you who have asked for my running stats in an excel sheet, I will update the excel link on my progress page after every run.  The link to the excel file is right at the top.  Just click on the icon to get my current running stats ... mostly in kilometers with some mile conversions.


Ran an EZ 5k on Saturday morning.  Nothing to write home about.  We were rushing to get to an early mass and I woke up a lot earlier to not be late for my Saturday Retreat Schedule.  Tired, wet, hungry ... and I spent most of Saturday, trying to find a sofa (or couple of chairs) to get a nap.  My wife curled up in one of the conference rooms and then was chipper at the next conference (but with a pleat on her cheek!).

The Retreat was about bringing the idea of Sabbath back into your life.  Keeping one day a week different from all the others as a celebration of your gifts, love, life, hope and especially gratefulness to God.  It was preached by Father Ron Rolheiser.  Here's me and 'Fr. Roly' on Saturday evening when we're about to break for a snack.  Cool guy - he has a column in about 60 newspapers in North American and has written 6 books that I know about.  He was born in Saskatchewan but is currently the President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.  Loads of funny jokes before each conference - and I know he has a lot more juicy ones that he didn't use for fear of scandalizing the old ladies.  My kinda priest!


The path to heaven is narrow - do not inflate your importance nor depress your worth.  It is difficult, but possible.  Running needs to be in balance with the other parts of your life so that you run with desire and delight: run in gratefulness for the gift of life and health.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rewarding retreat!

Johann said...

I like the idea of bringing Sabbath back into your life. We were talking about shops and everything being closed on Sundays when I was a child just the other day.

Thanks for the reward for my blog. I'll get to doing what is needed soon. Run safe!

The Boring Runner said...

Wow, president of a theology school!? Very cool