Monday, August 9, 2010

Dietitian was Impressed!

Not the best run, but I ran on about 4 1/2 hours of interrupted sleep, and the relative humidity was about 38°C. I did not break gate at any time, was in a run the whole way even with the demon voices telling me to stop. [BTW if I wanted your opinion, demon voices, I would shove my hand up your ... and work your mouth like a puppet - get out of my head you negatives!]

So 5.6k in 42:59 mins @ 7:40/k pace.


My graph of the Kms run since I started these running programs are shown in the graph above right (weekly kms run). This week's 5.6 k is rounded to 6 in the last column. The first 3 columns represent the first 21 day program I was on to get me to 30 mins a day while the 6 remaining weeks are the current program to run the 5k.

I have enough data now (I think) to do a little calculation so show how I slow down over time. I'd like to know how to build up a pace plan for the race so that I know what pace to run each k at. This will help me as I slow down over time. The Captain showed me a few calculator for this that I will probably copy and put in my calculator page.

Saw my dietitian today (with my wife for honesty) and she gave me a few pointers on my "carbing up" pre-run nights. She suggested I lower the overall size of each snack/meal and increase their number. She also wanted me to mix all food groups in proportion to the daily allowance for these meals. She didn't want me just concentrating on carbs alone. I also need to work in more whole-grain options, keep low glycemic index carbs, remove the high GI carbs, get more green vegetables in the diet and eat more freshly grown produce (glycemicindexfoods.pdf). The last thing is she will schedule a BMI and fat% assessment at their sister-clinic (for diabetics) soon to help me monitor my weight loss. As I have sort of stopped losing weight but my pants are getting looser - she thinks there might be some muscle building happening. P.S. I'm not a diabetic.

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