Monday, August 9, 2010

The Macmillan Running Calculator

The Macmillan Running Calculator says [I am deceased] that I am running my tempo runs slightly too slow, and my endurance and EZ runs slightly too fast. Chris! If I become a good runner it's because of that article you sent me and one I found on The Boring Runners Site.

It looks like I'm doing it wrong. That's probably why I seem to be trending the wrong way in pace times. Great that I could discover this now - but I need to introduce some better time goals into my running.

When I type in 30 minutes as a 5k target it tells me that my:
(1) 2k tempo run should be between 12:00.1 to 12:20.8 minutes time (compare 13:01 now)
(2) longer endurance runs should be 7:16 to 7:53 minutes pace/k (compare 7:23 /k)
(3) EZ runs should be 7:16 to 7:35 minutes pace/k (compare 8:01 /k pace)

So to me that means I can slow down the longer runs and not try so hard to run them as quickly as I am and set my mind to run the tempo runs on Wednesday much faster.


Chris K said...

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, you crack me up. No, seriously, your comments on my posts crack me up. I'm no expert, but I suggest you pick a plan and then just stick with it. Greg MacMillan and Mark Allan have way different approaches. Mark Allen's is all about HR training and note that he did it, and only it, for a full year!

Andrew Opala said...

Plan has been picked and I'm not leaving it! I mean that I have been trying to run everything as fast as I can and it seems like I should actually only run the tempo runs to improve my speed, and the endurance runs to improve my heart and oxygen performance. Reviewing my workouts I see there is a mismatch between the pace and my target pace for my tempo runs and the fact that I can run a little slower on the longer runs.

Johann said...

All these numbers are confusing. I just run slower the longer I run.

Andrew Opala said...

LOL - You are too funny du Plessis!

The Boring Runner said...

curious, do you have an excel or online tracking where you are tracking ALL of this? I'd like to take a bit of a deep dive.