Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beware an Obsession with Material Things

I think today's Gospel applies to me in that I shouldn't be too self-absorbed in Earthly things. I need to place the eternal things, namely Love - ahead of any ego-centric goals and desires. Where is running in this? Why do I do it? Why am I writing a blog about it?

Number one is that I am grateful for the health and physique I have been given. Grateful for so many mornings this summer where I could see the sunrise and hear the wind rustle through the green trees. I am grateful for so many good people helping me with advice. So very grateful for my running and biking partner - my wife!

Number two is that I am grateful for the discipline to keep going, the desire to reach a distant goal, and the wrestling with negative feelings and discomfort. Running is not comfortable. It is difficult. The heart beats like you are escaping a bear, or drowning, or having a heart attack. The muscles ache. You feel tired during the run. Your throat gets dry and you get dizzy. A quitter's voice shows up and says "walk for a while, don't worry about pushing yourself."

Number three is that I write to keep myself honest. I have started and stopped lots of diets, and exercise programs in my 45 years of living. Perhaps it is Ego or Pride that is the triggering element here, but I feel it is the good aspect of these things. The motivation I feel is a good motivation. I feel like I would let other people down if I quit - but not if I fail. I don't feel failing would be bad. I think quitting is the ultimate wrong at this time in my life.

Thanks everyone. I hope you are right were you need to be in your training program today. I hope you never quit. And I hope I can be there for you as you have been for me.


Johann said...

Lovely post! Blogging certainly helps with motivation for me. Reading what others experience and do also keep me going. Good luck to you!

The Boring Runner said...

Good post.