Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Food Experiment Last Night

Rather than my normal 600 or so calories in carbs last night after 6 p.m. I reduced it to 400 calories and ate at 5 p.m. - fasted for 14 hours before running. I did feel less energetic today. So my experiment suggests I need to eat more closer to the run. So on Thursday, I experiment with carbs at around 5 p.m. and then a big carb snack at around 9 p.m. I also took a longer than normal warm-up jog. My goal is not to feel to full, and time the p@@ing so I can be as empty as possible for the run. Also ran on my own today.

So my run today looked like this: 2.5k in 17:23. Pretty bad I know, since my race-pace target is 6 mins. But I have valuable information about how long I can fast before I run.
SplitTodayLast Wednesday
0.5 k2:522:45
1.0 k3:123:14
1.5 k3:473:30
2.0 k3:463:32
2.5 k3:443:24

Incidentally, I've lost 2 lbs [Alert: Metric Police, Andrew is using pounds again] since last Wednesday. I have also dropped 5 belt-holes since I started running about 3 months ago.


I've limited a lot of chatter about my life because my home is now home to another person who is troubled in our family. There's not a lot of funny things to say about the situation and it consumes a lot of my thought and some of my time.

He's a young 19-year-old man who has a lot of big challenges waiting for him, but is sweating the small stuff like going to work, and sleeping regularly. He's been staying with us for the last 3 weeks, and our picture of hope has slowly deteriorated. My first reaction is to get angry and I want to tell him to grow up, and then force him to live properly in the basic areas of his life. But my wife, the nest-builder, says wait. He comes from a troubled home, and his father was shot and killed by police 4 months ago (it was a mistake - his father suffered from schizophrenia and did not apparently understand what the Police were asking him to do - the Police are being investigated by the SIU).

The unfortunate thing is the three simple rules the young man had to keep each day while here have been broken regularly without any consequences - and this is my wife's lead so I follow and give her support in what she is doing. But my image is the following: I don't care if he doesn't love me after this whole experience, I need to know that he has the proper life skills to live in the real world, right now he doesn't, let's start working on changing these improper behaviors.


On perhaps a lighter note, has anyone seen the Robin Hood Series from a couple of years ago on the BBC with Jonas Armstrong as Robin and Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne? I've seen a trailer and want to watch them ... but I don't want to waste my time. I'm actually waiting for Caprica to start again on Sci-Fi or Syfy or what every stupid name they thought up for the network.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Captain here. Wanna know another great benefit of running? You’ve probably already figured this out, but it’s great thinking time. Especially on the days that you run alone. Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work through. I can’t count the number of times I’ve figured out life’s problems, small and large, during a good head-clearing run. Leave your watch at home one time. Just run for the sake of running, and if you occupy your mind with other things, you won’t believe how far you’ve run and how better you feel about sorting through life issues.

On a lighter note, I’m incredibly jealous of your garden!!! It’s beautiful!!! I have a little one and I’m growing vegetables for the second year now. I love it! The veggies taste so much better than store-bought. (It completely recovered from the hail storm, thankfully).

About the blog…I don’t really have that much of an on-line presence. Guess I’m old-school. I enjoy reading and posting to your blog! Maybe that’s a start.

Andrew Opala said...

Thanks Captain. I'm honored that you enjoy doing this. Your contribution means a lot to me. Not only is it well-timed, but there seems to be a lot of aspects to running that you are leading me into that are common sense and obvious, but that I haven't looked at from this point-of-view.

Training has taken on a seriousness for me that has naturally replaced my studying, but running has a whole other aspect that is unlike many sports and hobbies I have had. There is a big piece of you against yourself. This is so friggin frightening and exhilarating at the same time that it stops my thoughts in a ball somewhere behind my eyes. There is definitely something deep in this that I have not experienced yet but is waiting for me.

Andrew Opala said...

Captain, I went all out and put in a gallery with some more shots of the garden. It might be of interest for you. I hope you keep up the gardening - nature keeps you honest where people can't!

Johann, I hope you get a chance to see what grows in my back yard, after I've seen so much of what grows in SA.

The Boring Runner said...

using POUNDS!?!? YOU? for the record, if you used stones or something I'd still look up the conversion.

Good for you to take in that young man. Good for you