Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Screwy Tempo Run, Royal Marine Commando Fitness

Tell me I'm strange, but I added a whopping 1k to my tempo run today and then got disappointed that I was running so poorly when I really was running well passed where I usually run.  I meant to add .5k but I screwed up on mapmyrun.

Today's tempo times with a 6:56 pace (11:06 per mile):

week ago
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
0.5 k
1.0 k
1.5 k
2.0 k
2.5 k
3.0 k
3.5 k
4.0 k

I don't see much improvement in my times from 4 weeks ago for the first 2.5 k.  There is another factor and that is the food I ingested (or didn't) last night.  But I'm not giving up - a breakthrough happens on Friday when I run 9k (5 1/2 + mi).


On another note I found an old program talking with James from The Runner's Bug.  Then I started to scan them in and I wondered if somebody had already done so - and I found  There are only 3 of the 6 charts there, but I think it's a good start for discussion.  It's a routine for doing workouts for strength.  I'll be posting more on this topic in a few hours once one of my morning meetings breaks up.


On still another note, a patient of my wife, gave/lent about 2 years worth of Runner's World magazine to me!  Thank you.  I've started to peruse the mag and found an article on "10 ways to guarantee motivation".  So much to write about.  So little time today.  Back to the meeting!


skierz said...

It is all progress and it all pays off! I have a group that had never run before who are on the way to Scotia half. patience will get you there in an awesome way!

B. Kramer said...

Hey Andrew, thanks for stopping by Team HQ. It looks like you're making great progress on your runs. Speed is relative. Good luck in the rest of your training. Cheers!

Emz said...

Hey stop beating me to all the blogs. ;)

Lily on the Road said...

be patient, speed comes after you build your base, it will come, just get those distances in and then work on speed. Like Viper said, you're making great progress!

Jeri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I still have all my old Runners World issues. They always have such great training plans in them!! Keep up the good work.

The Green Girl said...

Wow, keep up the good work - I know it will pay off.

And congratulations on your magazine subscription - awesome!

RunToTheFinish said...

good luck on the 5k! Running is totally addictive so you'll be searching out marathons before you know it :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Best of luck on the 5k!!

You are doing awesome - keep up the hard work.

Thanks for your awesome comments on my blog BTW!! So glad you did, now I can stalk you! :)

Chris K said...

I'm with Lily. Patience is a virtue Grasshopper. Seriously, it takes YEARS to make steady progress. Go to my Blog and see how long it took me to get my times down. You are doing great Andrew. Here's another metaphor to ponder, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Anonymous said...

I've learned that progress in running is measured in months and years, not weeks. Stick with it!

Big Clyde said...

Andrew, thanks so much for stopping by my blog (#99 was great!).

You have me really intrigued. I am new to running and basically have just been doing the Forrest Gump approach..."leave house, start running, stop when tired". I have not studied anything and want it to be simple. But maybe that is the wrong approach.

Can we e-mail to discuss how you time your distance, etc. on your workouts?

My e-mail is I didn't see your e-mail address. Thanks.

Julie said...

Keep it up, stay positive and you will improve! You are doing great:) It takes some time to get the training mojo worries!

Andrew Opala said...

Thanks for your support guys ... I'm 45 I don't have YEARS! LOL (I have decades :) )

I am going to try to skim just a little time of of each split from now on. My target will be 3 seconds in a .5k split ... in 5k that would mean 10 splits / 30 seconds improvement. I know I can do 3 seconds faster no problem. ... maybe I know

5 Miles Past Empty said...

The splits look good to me! Pretty cool to chart them so you can compare! That's too much work for me. I'm way too disorganized for that!

Very cool about the runner's mags!

how are your lunges going?

Paul said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

As Viper says, speed is relative.
When I started (3 years ago), and I weighed 60 lbs more than now, 11:00 miles was a fast pace for usual pace was 12:00..and it was rough.

A couple of times I tripped on some plants that were draping over the sidewalk and splattered pretty bad on the pavement. Ouch.

Now 11:00 is a recovery pace 8)

A slight word of warning for's exciting and rewarding to track progress...and you'll keep making huge progress, but remember your joints and tendons take a lot more time to toughen-up than your heart, lungs and muscles. It really takes almost a year to toughen up (assuming you are starting from almost sedentary as I did).

So listen to your joints and tendons very carefully, don't do the speed comparison thing with yourself too often, and be very careful about increasing speed and mileage too fast. I'm sure you've heard all this before..


Paul said...

Oh yah, one more thing.

Thanks for mentioning English units in your blog. Us people down here are gradually "inching" toward the metric system...but we ain't there yet.