Sunday, August 8, 2010

Faith is the Assurance of Things Hoped For

With faith, we see that the goal we wait for is real. We see that what we desire is truthfully waiting for us. It even says that with faith in God, our ancestors were justified in their actions. Can faith be false. I believe it can be.

So what can I say about running? Do I have any hope or faith about this activity? This is a puzzle, can I elevate such an activity to be in harmony with God's plan? Can I fake a faith that says running is good for me?

The reading ends with "From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required: and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded." I think this sums up the readings a lot more than me looking for some spirit to come down from heaven and say "Andrew, if you keep faith and run, you will become healthy and a great runner according to God's plan."

What this last statement by Jesus means to me is that I have been given health and youth in some measure and I can either go hide in a nursing home or hospital, or I can use it to be healthy and youthful while it has been given to me. To be fruitful in the years that I can be fruitful. That it is important to do now what needs to be done now and not to live sacrificing today for tomorrow, because you never now when the master will come to see you waiting, or see you living. To sum up this Sunday's readings: Don't wait, do it now.

So again I see that being healthy is a fruit that we are offered from work not a luxury that we can deny ourselves. Of course it can become an obsession, but I think I need not worry about that yet. I have tried to move running into my life in a harmonious way, and not in an obsessive way. So this Sunday renews me in hope that running when done in good measure fits within my calling to be a good human being.


Thanks Chris (from BQ or die) for the great reading again on the topic of balancing, strength, speed and endurance in a good training plan. The link is replicated here: Also if you are interested in podcasts, Adam (The Boring Runner) has posted his fourth podcast [weekly podcasts that are released one every 1 1/2 months ... this maybe a metric conversion error or something.]

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