Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neighborhood Discovery

Good EZ run 5k 38 mins.  83% Humidity feels like 29°C / 84°F

Now to my story.  This is not factual in anyway.  When I was a lad I served a term [as office boy in an attorney's firm ♪♫ I wore clean collars and a brand new suit for the pass examination at the institute ♪♫] as a pilot in the reserve officer training program ROTP in the prairies of the great nation of Canada.

One of the strange jobs I had to do was to help with training young pilots on my day off [there are no days off in the Canadian Military - just days where you wear civilian clothes] during their bomb training runs in small planes.  These were bags of flour, you see two on my [SUV] tractor.  I am recording the bombing attempts on my [Laptop] laptop notepad.  The tractor is the target and that white chair there was about 100 meters away from the tractor, but since the students were hitting me sitting on the chair more often than the tractor I decided to sit on the tractor to give them a little incentive ...

Part two of the story: my class had a lot of good pilots in it.  I'll use their call signs: Cracker, Viper, Skeeter, Spanky, Alfalfa, Bozo and me [I am a good pilot ... was a good pilot] Opee.  We seldom got into illegal trouble.  Another job of mine was to put my Smokey-the-bear hat on and work as an assistant to the MP squads that roamed the airbase looking for trouble so that airmen would be treated properly.  The MPs on our base were two navy guys and 6 ppcli [Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry - first in war, first in peace and last in the ball hockey league].  My only real learning from this service happened the second day on the job.

The Captain pulled out a pack of Marlboros and lit one up.  "Smell that" he said.  Then he pulled out a little bag of dried oak and maple leaves and scrunching his fingers through the bag said "Smell that".  Then he said "Smell this" as he pulled a drag on a funny cigarette with a twisted end and no filter.

"Today we are looking for this."  So we went room to room, bunk to bunk looking for "this".  Many of the guys would often say, "Captain, I can't remember what 'this' smells like?"  So the Captain would pull out another and puff on everyone.  So we went room to room, bunk to bunk looking for "this".  By the end of those 6 hours I learned [I had the munchies] what the smell of "this" was and if it was grown with animal manure, potash fertilizer or in a corn field.  I also learned that during humid days the "this" smell would hang around for hours, and even come out of perfectly dry wooden table tops, and painted walls that absorbed the smell when it was humid earlier.

Part three of the story: back to my good pilots.  One of them had some "this" confiscated while I was present. He was a little angry at me so he got one of the student pilots to put a fire-hardened building brick in one of the bags and drop it right on me.  So I'm sitting on my SUV and my buddy flies overhead with his gift when a person comes by to take my picture for the bulletin board news letter.  As she's taking the picture ... the bag whizzes by her head!  [I said my class was good ... the students were still pretty crappy.]

So that explains the picture.

Now this explains the Title of the post.

On this humid day I discovered the smell of a lot of "this" in my neighborhood.  One was definitely corn field "this", the others where rich and mellow like hydroponic (with Miracle-Gro). :) [trust me I think I got this one right]

Why would people waste their time being asleep when they could be alive: running or training for a race?  I believe everything has its purpose and place, but my guess is that if you need to do this at 7 am on a beautiful Saturday morning you've got a bit of a problem.


Thanks to everyone who posted about my endurance run and the lunge challenge.  Did my lunges and high-stair stepping before my 5k run today.


wendy said...

Agreed! Have a great weekend!

Johann said...

I always take note of all the smells around when on my morning runs. Nothing can hide from my nose.
Thanks for my African Proverb! At least I can run a bit longer than the cheetah, but lets not talk about speed...