Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mid-Week Tempo Run

My best tempo run ever!

Split*todayweek ago2 weeks ago
0.5 k (dl)2:512:522:45
1.0 k (ul)3:083:123:14
1.5 k (u)3:283:473:30
2.0 k (ul)3:203:463:32
2.5 k (d)3:163:443:24

*dl = downhill then level grade, ul = uphill then level, u = uphill, d = downhill


Rae said...

Great job!!

Johann said...

Nice going! Consistent hard work always pays off in the end.

Julie said...

Good job! You made some improvements:) Keep up the awesome work!

Chris K said...

Andrew - the man of a few words. Dude, you missed my last blog about what CD you would bring if you only had one to bring on a cross-country trip. Check this out - two Canadian bands made the list! Rush and Barenaked Ladies.

Andrew Opala said...

Thanks guys! Encouragement is always welcome!

The Boring Runner said...

GREAT JOB!! You're seeing improvement.