Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bulletin of the Belt & Jamoosh's Thrilling Thirteen

I have accepted another challenge, this time from Jamoosh (with Wonka-goading by Adam). I am currently waiting acceptance into the challenge. Here is the official logo [an appointment has been made for a tatoo on my a@@ - might be pretty expensive!] to prove my submission.

I did the routine for the first time today and adjusted my current Tuesday and Thursday routines to drop my situps and leg lifts and do Jamooshes thrilling thirteen. I am of course continuing to do the lunges and high-stair stepping, and all the weight training. Here's what my goal, current status and comments are for today, with the program dropping into my programs tab shortly.

1. Crunches302 x 15Ya big deal anyone can do these
2. Bicycle Kicks252 x 25A little challenging
3. Supine Bridge (face up)30 seconds2 x 15 secondsNot fair I just did bench presses and military presses and my arms are sliding out because my hands are sweaty
4. Leg Lift30 seconds2 x 15 secondsI'm in control could have done 30
5. Ankle Grabbers25 each ankle2 x 25I burned off all the hair on my back
6. Diamonds in the Sky202 x 10did big fist in the sky - more manly
7. Hip lift30 seconds4 x 5 secok you got me I'm really tired (this exercise is kinda girly, no?) sweaty hands
8. Plank45 seconds3 x 15 secondsnot fair! my arms are tired remember
9. Back Stretch30 seconds31 secondsyou see I am fit!
10. Push-ups202 x 8Again - not fair because of the bench press exhaustion
11. Shoulder taps20 each shoulder2 x 10Who makes these exercised up? (when do I catch a chicken in an alley - Ay-dree-ann!) sweaty hands
12. Superman1515Again - you see I am fit!
13. Side bridge30 seconds3 x 10 secondsNot fair #3 - bench press! hello!

Total routine time was about 45 minutes!

Since I have far too much body fat to show any muscle definition, my way of tracking progress will be in tracking the position of the belt buckle. Below you'll see the Bulletin of the Belt [much laughter at making a play on Tale of the Tape].

Bulletin of the Belt

What you see is all the belts that I used in the last 4 months side-by-side. The longer belt was used earliest and the short one is holding up my pants right now [the pants were around my ankles in each one of these shots - can anyone say bikini lunges?]. The graph at the right is my Economist/Time idea of an infographic that shows my wieght-loss/shape-shifting in the last 3 months - the three months of running. As you can see I have lost about 5 1/2 belt holes in waistline in the last 90 days. I can still crush beer cans with my ponch so I'm a long way away from a 6-pack, but I'm going in the right direction.


Welcome EMZ ... I am such a giggling child when I look at that profile picture. [Is there any way I can get my computer into the washroom behind a locked door? - for ab comparison only!]


Rae said...

I love your belt graph! Great job!

Irene said...

I would call that "The Belt-o-meter." I've used the "Pants-o-meter." LOL. Nice job!

Petraruns said...

Nice going there - keep up the good work.

If you want my bike, I'll ship it out there!

Emz said...

You freaking kill me.

I love the belt-o-meter. Fabulous. Where are the "before" photos?

Heather said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read, "I burned off all the hair on my back" I'm sorry...

The belt comparison is great!!!

Unknown said...

It's nice to have company in the misery of the Thrilling Thirteen. I don't have hair on my back, but I got a little rug burn on my back doing the ankle grabbers. Let me know if you figure out a more graceful way to do those. My abs are feeling it today.

Love the belts!!

Jill said...

Yes, we need before and after pics! Great job on the first Hard Core Club workout!!!

Chris K said...

Go Andrew, Go Andrew. You big Stud - nice job.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, love the belt update.

Keep up the good job.

Anonymous said...

Nice belt graph! You're doing awesome!

ewa said...

Wojtek!!! Awesome stuff! Congrats on your metamorphosis, keep going and thx for inspiring me to move my a@@ instead of complaining I'm fat.

Johann said...

Great post! You are a brave man to take on all those challenges.