Saturday, July 31, 2010

EZ Run / Spiritual Direction / Courtesy Birthday

Today is a busy day for me. I'm off on an easy run right now, then I have to quickly shower and eat to get my bum into a car and travel an hour to Niagara Falls for Spiritual Direction. Then when we come back I cut the lawn that has been growing crazy after being fertilized. Then we go to a birthday party of a person I don't really know because she's my wife's sort-of friend.

Anyway ... I prefer the stress of so many other things instead of having this many scheduled (Can't be late) things to do.

2:50 pm: Back from Mt. Carmel (today at the seminary pictured above). Hey Captain, thanks for spending a little bit of this glorious day alleviating my worries. But you should be gardening or something, no? :) Here's a picture of my garden from my home office window. [I get to spend a few days more here as my office Internet is being switched to another provider this week.] That's Boston Ivy around the window ... it's growing like crazy and we have two wasp nests in the branches. Not a lot of fun when we BBQ and some guest decides they are not going to live in harmony with nature and start swatting them. I'm going to cut the lawn now and think about how much meat I eat ... :) and think about how much more fun it would be to hang out in the garden today.

BTW, you need to start a blog and talk about your marathons, long distance running, your coach and training. And especially your motivation. Then others (not only I) can benefit from your years of experience. Blogs are a little time consuming ... running blogs without enough info quickly degrade though [... usually change to discussions about the garden and going to Mt. Carmel ...]

Ran an energy-drained 4.5 k today - but that's according to plan ... today and tomorrow I carb back up for my distance on Monday morning.

5:07 p.m. lawn mowed, showered again, waiting for wife to write birthday card then a 1 hour drive into Erin somewhere on some Sideroad #X and Trafalgar Rd. It will probably be raining and the home will be smelly - and I will have to be pleasant for 4 hours then I will be released to drive everyone home again. I guess there could be worse things - like stress fractures! Did I mention I do not know this person?

11:19 p.m. Home free! Not it! No touch backs! Back in my comfy bed beside my angel :) Good night everyone ... I made it Wendy [ and I like your new profile picture! ]


Anonymous said...

Do I see a vegetarian in the making? I didn't notice any meat in that delicious-looking pasta dish :)

About the chip timers. When you pick up your race package, there will likely be a desk where you activate the chip in your timer. You will be able to see your name come up on the screen to tell you that it's working. I've never had an issue, so don't even think about it when you are running. Just remember to SMILE for the camera as you cross the finish line. Is there a race expo the day before your race? You should definitely go to that. It can be fun and will get you even more excited for the big day.

Glad to hear that you're figuring out the food thing. You've also got the hydration down pat. The two other important things are stretching and sleep. Not enough sleep can lead to tired muscles and that can cause injuries.

It's also great to hear that your wife is so supportive and going along with you on your runs!! That can be more helpful than all the other things combined!

Keep it up running man :)


wendy said...

Sounds like a busy day! Hope it was a good one : )

The Boring Runner said...

good lord! Just reading this makes me tired!