Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tempo Wednesday and Before Shots of Running Man Wannabe

Well today was a tempo run that boring-coach Adam did not make into a 3.0 k  from a 2.5 k.  He also did not send me a great link on improving your Marathon time.  [Thanks Adam I'm running my first race - a 5k - in about 4 weeks.  Great having you stay right on topic.]  It's a good overview of sports science and the way the body it thought to work and perform well.  He also nodded in a non-legally binding way to me increasing my weekly distance by 15% rather than 10%, before I taper off on the race week.  I'll be putting these changes into the program tab. [Note: Adam is not a coach and does not give advice, this is a joke, closed course, professional driver, your mileage may vary - really just wanted to paste his head on someone in Paint.]

Today's tempo times with a 6:33 pace (10:30 per mile):

Splittodayweek ago2 weeks ago3 weeks ago
0.5 k2:472:512:522:45
1.0 k3:143:083:123:14
1.5 k3:173:283:473:30
2.0 k3:343:203:463:32
2.5 k3:313:163:443:24
3.0 k3:16

What's interesting is the more I pull out the run in the first 500 m, the slower I seem to recover in the second 500 m.  I bet the first 200 m of the run is fast ... my body is going "WTF? Are we running again?" and it's trying to keep up, but then quickly I drop down in speed, start my breathing, launch a couple of snot rockets,  [projectile vomit] throat clearing horks and I'm ok.


Here is a before picture from late May 2010.  I'm actually soaking my feet in Stanley Harbor in Hong Kong, that behind me is a piece that turns into the South China Sea and then the Pacific Ocean. This picture is interesting because what you don't see on the left is that a bunch of environmentalist started running towards me once I started struggling out of the water.  They were all pointing at me and yelling in Chinese "a whale has beached itself we must push it back into the water!" ... That's about the time I started to loose weight and not eat all those executive meals my EMBA program was feeding me.  If this kinda travel pictures are interesting to you check out some more on my Facebook page search for Andrew Opala - I think they are shared without having to friend me, but please do if you are so inclined.

Here's another (still before) at the Great Wall standing beside my buddy and classmate Scott.  I think the belly is quite pronounced - and it's not the horizontal stripes baby.  It's the real thing! ... some real after pictures will follow shortly tomorrow.  I'll see if I can snap a good one when I'm golfing with friends (Scott being one in fact).   But it's really not after ... it's DURING - I expect to go a lot further.

Thanks for the requests, I would have wanted to show the before once I had the washboard stomach, but what can you do?  My goal is to become a [RILF - Runner I'd Like to ... Feed] healthy individual with a long life that does not become a burden on my family once I get older.  If you want to check out a washboard stomach go to Chris's site: BQ or Die and see him out at his aqua-training.  Just rub your shirts clean on those abs!


Welcome to my new friends: Wannabe Runner, Candace, Jill, Heather, Christine, and Elizabeth.


I'm officially in the Core Club, even though Groucho said "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member".


Rae said...

I am glad you are an "official" member of the Hard Core Club!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Glad to be along for the journey. I look forward to reading and learning more :)

Woohoo Hard Core Club!

KovasP said...

The HCC will help you become a RILF.

Emz said...

OMG I love that photo.

The Boring Runner said...

I have no comment either implied or otherwise on your current training plan.

Can't wait to see the after pics! You should side by side them!!

Johann said...

Nice photos! You are really working hard so the after photos will be super.

Karen Seal said...

You are doing a great job! Way to go!!! :0)

Jill said...

I think Adam needs neck surgery.

You are making great running improvements - yay!!!! As the weight goes down, so will your times. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Wow- you've been in some great places!

Irene said...

I've found that those before pictures really do help!

You're on your way!

So jealous that you visited China!