Friday, July 16, 2010

4k and the Vulcan Nut Pinch

I ran 4k with my wife today. Did it in 30:01 mins. The pace was exactly 7:30/k. Felt pretty rancid afterwards: stomach ache, p.i.t.a., diarrhea. Drank my chocolate milk and then a couple of glasses of cold water and then showered.

Unfortunately, I'm on my last belt hole and I thought I could drop down a size in pants for work today. So I pulled out a nice pair of slacks. A little tight so I had to dress to the left, to find a spot for everything. Got all spiffied up, picked up my briefcase and went to the car. As I was getting in though ... I received a terrible shock from the packed goods. My pants had given me a "Vulcan Nut Pinch". It was not really a pinch, it was more a grip, grab, clamp, then WORLD_SHAKING ELEPHANT STOMP. [I immediately mind melded with the steering wheel.]

Pulling deep within my soul I pressed my back against the seat and my feet as firmly as I could on the floor and made the adjustment while levitating above the seat. I thought I was tired after this run, but I had enough energy to rescue future generations!


Chris K said...

Danger Will Robinson. Ooops, wrong sci-fi T.V. show.

Andrew Opala said...


The Boring Runner said...

GAH!!! Not good, not good at all.