Friday, July 9, 2010

Songs in my rainy head

3.32 km in "25:25 and man is still alive"! Ran in a downpour and past only one other runner on the way. Had a big honking glass of chocolate milk after I came home! My wife is going to find me an organic one so that I will not get my naive self sick on this factory milk. She loves me so much.

The next lyric from this old man's memory is "head games". I need to run at my pace and not at the pace of the other runners. How do I do this? I naturally want to run beside my wife, but I started running at her pace and shortened my strides a bit so that we could hit the ground together, and then I got tired and missed my first milestone by about 30 seconds.

We also need to get a pact down that we stop the chatter by the end of the warm-up and start from where the map says we start. No adjusting the running on the fly to make up for walking part of the course. I'm the only one that is in training here. I need a little "R E S P E C T!"

Last idea for now:
If you can be the first to tell me the names of the musical groups or singers that sang the songs with the lyrics I have quoted ... you win something. Only thing is I don't know what, so you need to suggest something (baseball hat, t-shirt, postcard etc. - I'm in Canada so be creative). I'll mail it to you. I don't have any running garb but we can negotiate. Even guess one of them. I doubt there will be any takers.

The time limit is until someone guesses or this post moves off of the first page of posts, which ever comes first. I could probably just send all my readers/followers something! That would be like 3 prizes!?!


Having problems with pace, I remember I took a picture of a device you put into your Nike shoe and the other piece you plug into your iPod and it tracks your running. I'd like to learn about this more as this could be very useful for me. I am also experimenting with a accelerometer in the iPod that can tell me when I am taking steps. It won't tell me the stride length, but I can find this out with knowing the distance run and then dividing by the number of accelerometer blips.


The Boring Runner said...

Can't go wrong with Aretha Franklin. The other two..... nothing.

I know a lot of runners (and that is what you are now) who are just starting out have a lot of good luck with the nike plus. Especially if you are already wearing nikes. If you are not wearing nikes and have good luck with the shoes you have, I'd recommend a garmin (for ~$75us more)

PS - I haven't forgotten about your list. Sorting through all of the blogs after i get caught up a bit.

Andrew Opala said...

:) ... actually I'm building an app for my iPhone that logs shakes in the accelerometers ... I'll try that for fun before I go through and get one of these nike+.

I have a fine pair of Asics. New Balance which was my brand for the last 10 years decided to change it's sizes and now they don't seem to fit. Nike always seemed to be very tight on the sides and under the laces.

BTW you are leading in the contest department!