Saturday, July 24, 2010

EZ day and the same distance

Just completed my EZ day run. What I'm finding is that this day, following the longest run of the week has more discomfort in it than any other day in the week. I think it is because my body has been drained of stored energy. I've also found that my heart-rate increases as I get hotter, not necessarily when I exert myself more. That would mean that making some choices on getting cooler clothing would help me exert myself less. Plus resting a day or two before a race is completely necessary.

... also the baking powder in the shoes look like it's not effective enough to be noticeable. Adam mentioned I could remove the inserts and dry them with a hair dryer - plus some cedar inserts for shoes. I will try drying the insert of one shoe and leaving the other one to dry in the shoe.

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Johann said...

I find I run faster sometimes on my EZ day because it's a shorter run. In the end I'm very tired but my legs usually get a "break".